Game of life

math project

wells Fargo VS CNB bank/ part 1

I chose wells Fargo as my bank because they have a teen checking account.

Transactions/part 2

After all my transactions i came out to 50.50 dollars.

college job/part 3

I will be attending college at A&M. My job is a veterinarian and i would be making 82,040 for my annual salary. I would need a doctoral degree or a professional degree. I would make 820,400 in ten years, 1,640,800 in 20 years, 2,461,200 in 30 years and 3,281,600 in 40 years.I will be paying with student loans for the 225,128 tuition. College is 56,532 per year.I will be attending for 7 years.

credit report/part 4

name: Isabella

Address: 191 south wood street red oak texas

year of birth: 1959

Social Security: 192-23-4567

report date: 12/02/16

credit score:760

Bank:Wells Fargo