A Vacation Fit For A Princess

Chinese Cinderella Goes To England To Visit Her New College

"Chinese Cinderella" is a usually unwanted daughter that lives with her father, step mother (Niang) and 6 other siblings. she was disliked by her sibling because she was to blame for their biological mother's death. After years of trying to stay out of the spotlight her stepmother finally got annoyed with her and sent her to an orphanage where she stayed out of place compared to her school mates. After she wins a play writing contest her family finally stars to accept her as one of them. Her father finally fulfills her dreams of going to England for college like her oldest brothers.

going to england

Adeline was a hard working student that always came out on the top of her class, no matter where she was. She had a passion for reading and was very smart. though her family resented her she never told anyone she knew not even her friends at school because she thought they would pity her, which she didn't want.

Adeline would bring...


-she would want to bring her aunt baba, the only person she was very close to

- she would bring the one good outfit she has because she wants to make a good impression

character traits for Adeline

-she is caring even though not many people care for her

-also forgiving because her whole family disrespects her but she still finds a way to be nice to them

- Adeline is hopeful that one day her family will treat her as an equal and not continue to but her down

-last but not least she is kind t everybody she meets, I infer it is because she doesn't know if they are going through the same thing she is and if so there is no reason to make the person feel more unloved