2012 Title I Enrichment Camp


Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who worked together to make Enrichment Camp 2012 a great success!

Camp 2012 by the Numbers

  • 16 Elementary Schools ran the Enrichment Camp
  • 97 teachers taught camp
  • The average camp teacher has 11 years of teaching experience
  • The average camp teacher has taught camp for 2 years
  • Over 700 students participated in camp

What the Kids are Saying

What was Your Favorite Thing About Camp?

  • "Learning about sands from different country like Colorado river,and France.But my favorite sand was France because it was so soft."
  • "That we get to do fun experiments like find sea shells in a box of sand
    and learn about different sand that came from different places."
  • "when we made anti-gravity inventions"
  • "we have so much fun. we make tricks with magnets"
  • "Making the rocket ship"
  • "doing a lot of projects and meeting new teachers and friends"
  • "My favorite thing was when we played all those math games"
  • "Doing the read a loud with the Magic School Bus Whale Watch"
  • "Different things. Oobleck and Solving puzzles in math"
  • "I liked to talk about science and magnets. Science is my favorite subject"
  • "Every morning we read a book and we solve a problem"
  • "I like whenever we did writing together"
  • "Math was my favorite. We measured actual size of animals."
  • "when I learned a new way to do math"
  • "Teachers make us smart and I LOVE! Teachers"

What Teachers Are Saying

What did you enjoy most about the camp?

  • "Talking with the kids about the science info. The curriculum changes are wonderful. We loved it! The kids had a blast, and so did the teachers. Thank you so much for this week!"
  • "I really enjoyed seeing the expressions on the students' faces when they completed an experiment and it was a complete success. I also enjoyed being engaged with the students trying to figure the projects as well as learning myself."
  • "I enjoyed seeing the students engaged in what they were learning. They were so excited about what they were learning and wanted to know more."
  • "I enjoyed getting to do hands-on activities with the students in a relaxed environment."
  • "Watching the students be excited about math and working together."
  • "SCIENCE!!!! I am so glad science was added this year. The students loved, loved going to the beach!!!!"
  • "I enjoyed having time to read the math books and investigate with the students."
  • "The ability to be able to have time to be more creative and have the students do more hands on activities..."
  • "I enjoyed the hands on learning that the kids did. It allowed them to make their own connections with their lives."
  • "Meeting the kids and helping them get energized about math and science."

Title I Department

Sharon Jensen, Title I Coordinator
Krista McCown, Title I Specialist
Shelly Lansford, Title I Specialist

Tonia Walker, Title I Specialist