Educational Mobile Applications

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Where Can You Find Mobile Applications?

Depending on your device it may be easier or harder to get the application you want, however most apps have stretched themselves to be available to the top two application hubs. GooglePlay, sponsored by Google, is the more official holder for Android applications. Android covers devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices developed by Google.

iTunes based that most applications are developed for. iTunes a product of Apple Incorporated products including, Macintosh, iPads, iPods and iPhones.

When you purchase a mobile device, make sure you know which company it's affiliated with, it's always important to do your research and get the device that will best suit your needs as a consumer.

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The Human Body App for the iPad

The Human Body is an educational application that can be bought on iTunes for the iPad and will work on mobile Apple products for the most part. It is an easy to use exploration of the human body and shows it's different processes and functions. Although the pictures are somewhat scary, don't let this detour you, the app itself would be very useful for any biology student as review, refreshing or just reinforcing the lessons through the year. The app is stated 4+ however it's definitely useful for grades 7-12 and even university.
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Tinkerbox is a free iTunes application aimed to allow students and children to fiddle with physics and science to solve the puzzles and levels through the game. It was recommended rot me by a children's librarian from Edmonton Public Libraries. The age group recommended is 4+ but it would be very beneficial for students in grade 2 learning about gears and pulley systems.