Organ Donation

By: Madie Curry

Benefits of Organ Donate

The biggest benefit of doing this is just saving a life and giving someone a second chance at life. One single person can save up to 50 lives. If everyone would become a organ donor we could save up to 1,000 life's. There is 72,792 on the waiting list for organ right now!

What can you donate?

Organs : Lungs, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, intestines.

Tissues : Cornea, skin, bone marrow, heart valves, middle ear, tendon

Fun Facts

  • An open-casket funeral is possible for organ and tissue donors.
    • Information about an organ donor is only released to the recipient if the family of the donor requests or agrees to it. Otherwise, a patient’s privacy is maintained for both donor families and recipient

    • 21 people die every day while waiting for a transplant.

    • Any one can be an organ donor regardless of age, race, or medical history

    • There is no cost to donate