The Red Badge Of Courage

By Stephan Crane

Main Conflict

Henry wants to go to war and come back with a heroic story but he didn't have a very great one so he realized that it wasn't very important to have a huge story. He had all of the memories.


Henry who is the main character. The story is also told from his point of view.


Place: American Civil War

Time: !860s


Beginning of the Book:

Henry has had people he knew come back from war with a heroic story, so he wants to go to war and create a heroic story of his own.

Henry goes down to the headquarters of town and signs up to go to war. He is hoping that he can come back with great things to tell his family and friends. He comes back and tells his mom about it and she doesn't really like the idea. This event is important because he is going on a great experience to create a heroic story and meet new people.

Middle of the Book:

The Union are traveling and see something in the woods so they go in. The Confederates end up attacking them unexpectedly. It may not have been a happy memory but it was one of his first big memories. This is important because it is a memory he made.

One of the wars they have, Henry runs away. He is really scared and doesn't think he can do it. This is important because he is doubting himself and is afraid of what he came to do.. fight.

End of the book:

All of his friends around him are dying. He didn't know them for long but they were still the closest he had to a family there. Now they are dying and they spent such short time together. He is also finding it hard to be in war. This is important because he doesn't have his friends to make all of the heroic stories with.

The war is over and they had won. Henry then realized that he didn't need a great heroic story he had all of the great memories and the experience.