Bell Bulletin

October 3, 2016

A Note From the Principal

Bell Bobcat Families:

I am thrilled to join you this year in Bell Elementary's inaugural year! How wonderful 2016-2017 will be! Learning, a focus on growth, and community building is what we're all about, and I look forward to celebrating student successes with you. I have been amazed, in my short time here so far, by the dedication and excitement of our families and our staff. There is no doubt in my mind our students will continue to receive only the best!

Not only am I passionate about ensuring your child has the best experience possible at Bell Elementary, but I am passionate about continuing to build our traditions and a standard of excellence that future Bobcats will experience as well. My daughter, Brily, will be a Bell Bobcat in a few years, and I take this responsibility very seriously for your children, and my own.

Thank you for welcoming me into the Bobcat Family! I already feel at home.


Mrs. Lauren Shapiro

To Mr. Kane's 3rd Grade Students:

I received your beautiful letters today, and they made me feel so welcome! Thank you for your sweet comments! You had several questions for me that I want to formally answer here in case other students are wondering the same thing! :)

1. Why did you ever want to be a principal?

It was during my third year of teaching that I realized how much I truly loved working with children and wanted to impact as many as possible. Being a teacher is the #1 most important job, and I miss teaching every day. However, being a principal means I get to work with ALL the students in a school AND with all the teachers who help you grow every day. This is the perfect job for me!

2. When you were in 3rd grade, what was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject was science! I loved, and still love, experiments - especially the messy ones!

3. Did you used to be an assistant principal?

Yes! I was beginning my 7th year as an assistant principal.

4. Do you like children?

100% yes, yes, yes! Especially the children at Bell Elementary!

5. Do you miss Evers (your old school)?

I do miss Evers - students, families, and teachers! They gave me a wonderful home for a long time. I can tell you, though, that change can be difficult at times, but can also be very exciting. I am thankful to have a new home at Bell!

6. How is it so easy to control this whole school?

I'm not sure it is easy! I'll let you know. What I have learned in my experience, though, is that input from students, staff, and parents is key because this is OUR school!

7. What is your favorite food and dessert?

I love Mexican food and chocolate cake! You are making me hungry!

8. Are you happy to be the new principal at Bell?


9. What do you like about this school so far?

You! The Bell Bobcat students are polite, encouraging, happy, and hard working.

10. Do you like animals?

I love animals, especially sea life because they are so interesting. I have a dog, Phoebe, and a cat, Belle, at home too!

11. What is it like being a principal?

Principals have lots of meetings and a lot of decisions to make to make sure our students and teachers have all they need to be the most successful. The most important part of my job is getting in classrooms and seeing what our students are learning!

12. What is your favorite color?

Blue! So, Bell is perfect for me!

13. Is it easy being a principal?

Being a principal is hard work, but rewarding work. I enjoy coming to school every day! Any work that is important is challenging - but worth it! Bell Elementary staff and students work hard every day, just like me! I also have a wonderful teammate, Mrs. Mac, who works tirelessly to make sure Bell is the best it can be!

14. What do you like to do during the summers and on the weekends?

I love to travel with my family! We are going to Disney World our next school break. When I am not at school, I am usually running around after my toddler, Brily! On the weekends I sometimes like to stay in my pajamas and watch movies.

15. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. How do I start?

Wonderful question! Learn as much as you can! Read everything you can get your hands on, be kind to those around you, and always try your hardest - even on those assignments you aren't crazy about. One day, you may be hired at Bell Elementary, and everything you are doing now will help you be the best teacher later.

I can't wait to visit your classroom again soon!


Mrs. Shapiro

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Dates To Remember

October 3-October 7th: Parent/Teacher Conference Week

We look forward to meeting with 100% of our families to share student progress and continue to build relationships with you! Reminder: 12:00 PM Dismissal this week! Please make sure your teacher is updated if the dismissal plan for your child is different this week!

Monday, October 10th: Staff Development Day for Bell Staff

There will be no school for students. School hours will resume Tuesday, October 11th.

Tuesday, October 18th: Bell Fun Run Kick-Off

Students will participate in a brief pep-rally that will gear them up for fundraising and our Fun Run/Boosterthon! Make sure you are looking in your child(ren)'s backpack this week for information regarding this fundraiser for our school.

Thursday, October 20th: PTA Family Game Night

PTA is presenting a wonderful family event from 6:00-8:00 PM in the Bell cafeteria and gym. We can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, October 27th: Bell Fun Run

Information will be coming home soon outlining times grade levels are participating in their runs. Parents are welcome to join us in cheering on the students as they exercise and earn money for their school! We will be set up outdoors for the run, but please help us by signing in at the front office and getting a Visitor Badge.

Wednesday, November 2nd: Fall Picture Day

All students will have their picture taken today! Practice those smiles! Reminders will be sent home in backpacks as we near this event.

Wednesday, November 9th: Report Cards will be sent home

2nd 6 weeks report cards will be sent home today. Please review, sign the envelope, and return with your child. The report card inside is yours to keep.

Friday, November 11th: Daddy/Daughter Dance

PTA is hosting a Daddy/Daughter Dance today! More information will be sent to you soon! Start practicing those dance moves!

Thursday, November 17th: PTA Meeting

6:00 PM in the Bell cafeteria

November 21st-November 25th: Thanksgiving Break

There will be no school for students these dates. We hope you enjoy this time with your families! School will resume Monday, November 28th.