The River

by Gary Paulson

My Story

I am Brian Robeson, and I've been stranded in the Canadian wilderness for 54 days. I have just got used to the normal world again, and even got a girlfriend, but Derek, a survival psychologist wants me to go back to the wild again. Finally my parents are convinced and we make plans for the trip, but after several weeks, things at our makeshift camp go wrong.

Why you should read this book.

This book is amazing for readers of all ages. It requires some patience at times, though the uneventful moments don't lack in entertaining and interesting features. What makes this book realistic is that the action is spread out. Everything is calm and goes well but right before you start to get bored, something exciting happens. There are also some educational benifits that come with this sequel. You can find survival tips all through out the book.
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by Ethan Howat