Better Learners In Smaller Doses

By Nicole Nelson

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All around the world, millions share the narratives of their lives in bite-sized language through SMS, status updates on Facebook, 140 character tweets, six second-videos, or memed images. These are our learning rituals in our digital society. Our students create, produce, direct, summarize, translate, and share stories outside of learning institutions daily. In this webinar for the Mobile Learning Explorations community, Shelly Sanchez Terrell explored these learning trends and shared ways to integrate them in our classes to engage our students. Attendees also learned simple and quick ways to effectively teach digital literacy and citizenship. View the webinar to learn how to use your students’ bite-sized narratives to improve their learning.

WEBINAR*The Impact of Mobile Devices on Learning and Communication*

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Take Away Points From Webinar

*Students are using technology in ways that can make them better students each day. Each time they use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter they are creating personal narratives.

*Incorporating technology into a lesson does not mean that they must be on a computer.

*Take risks with technology.

*Allow your students to lead. They are using apps and sites that could really make your classroom interesting.

*This webinar discussed curation and how useful if can be for instruction.


This was a really informative webinar. The instructor shared so many apps and sites that can be used in the classroom. The major take-away for me was to allow children to be apart of the creation of their curriculum. I like the idea of the students bringing ideas to table. Shelly Sanchez Terrell, presented ways that teachers can integrate technology in a way that will engage children and allow them to interact with each other. She encourages teachers to show students how they are already creating their own narratives each time they log onto a social media site and post.

Additional Resources

*BYOD/BYOTUsing Technology in Your Class*

In this short video, we get an introduction to what BYOT/BYOD is. Laura Smith, Vice President of Content and Development at Amplify, discussed these trends that allow students to bring their technology into the classroom. The trends are changing the way many teachers instruct and the way many students are learning. Children today live in a technology driven world, so for us to ask them to disconnect from 8:00-3:00 is somewhat foolish on our parts. We have to embrace the changes in learning styles and learn with them.
Wireless EdTech 2012 - Leveraging Mobile Devices in Classrooms

*Mobile Learning Technologies for 21st Century Classrooms*

This article discusses the wave of schools moving towards using mobile devices in the classroom. Cell phone, iPods, Nooks, iPads and more, are all finding there way into instructional time. The use of ebooks is on the rise and this trend will continue to grow.

*Devices In The Classroom*

This was a really cute video that allows children to show all the ways they use their device in school. The shared that they use the devices for note-taking, book reviews, calendars, creating videos for projects and communicating with the teachers. They shared ways to use their technology that I use for myself but had never thought to use in my classroom. I think this video shows several ideas for teachers who are ready to take using technology in their classroom to the next level.
Devices In The Classroom

They've Got Technology In The Bag:)

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