Yoho National Park

British Columbia, Canada. By Sadie Taylor

Physical Features

Yoho is in the Rockies western flanks and borders Banff National Park. Landscapes of deep forests, icy glaciers, wild rivers, and pure lakes. There is a lot of beautiful of wildlife. It is 507 sq miles. There are many beautiful waterfalls, and There is a famous scenery witch is the National bridge.

Wild Life

Elk, moose, deer, wolf, and the more elusive Canadian lynx make their home in the park. The largest of living animals, grizzly bears can be about the height of eight feet when standing upright on their hind legs. Even though they are usually seen eating berries and roots, they are very carnivorous in the park region, hunting moose, elk, mountain sheep and goats, or feeding on the populations of breeding salmon in the summer.


In the spring you will find a lot mushroom species on the moist forest floor far below moss covered trees. Yoho's valley bottoms are home to the greatest diversity of plant and animal species. Unique ecosystems exist in areas of the montane zone where soil, sunlight, and moisture levels differ. Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, white spruce, and trembling aspen are most numerous, with birch and poplar.

Special things to do and tourist faculties

There are many things to do here for visitors and tourists. Some things to do are, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, golfing, dog sledding, and white water rafting! Yoho National park's most scenic places are Emerald Lake, Lake O'Hara, Takakkaw Falls, Natural Bridge, and Yoho valley, which offer camping, and hiking opportunities.