Teen Dating violence Is Not Okay

Teen Dating Violence

Help For Abuse

Get Help

  • If you think you are in an abusive relationship, get help immediately. Don't keep your concerns to yourself.
  • Talk to someone you trust like a parent, teacher, school principal, counselor, or nurse.
  • If you choose to tell, you should know that some adults are mandated reporters.
    • . If you want help deciding whom to talk to, call a crisis line in your area. You might also want to talk to a trusted family member, a friend’s parent, an adult neighbor or friend, an older sibling or cousin, that you can trust

    Get help

    If you or a loved one is in a abusive relationship, please get help. Visit love respect for more information, chat with a peer advocate online, call 866.331.9474 or text "loveis" to 22522