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Hyundai Kevin Hart Car Commercial

1. Hyundai in their 2016 commercial "First Date", aims to sell their cars by depicting Kevin Hart handing the key to his new Hyundai Genesis to his daughters date to humorously show the tracking ability, sleekness, and other features of the new car.

2. By tossing the keys to his daughters date, Kevin Hart is able to track and follow the two around to keep an eye on their romantic endeavor such as sitting behind them at the movies, watching them at a carnival, and riding a helicopter to check up on them at the top of a hill all without the daughter knowing.

3. Audi uses both transfer and testimonial advertising techniques by showing that Kevin Hart, a famous comedian, drives this car so people watching should too and transfers humor along with style in order to encourage parents and teens alike to want to buy the car because it gives you a secure feeling that you will know exactly where it is.

4. By using a humorous tone the intended audience is geared some towards teenagers who can drive and go on dates but mainly towards worried parents who want to keep an eye on their kids.