Chris Hadfield

The first Canadian Commander to International Space Station

Who is Chris Hadfield?

He is born the August 29, 1959 in Sarnia and raised in Milton , Ontario. In 1977 he received the diploma of Milton District High School and he was awarded the winner of the Ontario Scholar. He graduated in 1982 with an Honours BA in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) from the Royal Military College in Kingston , Ontario. In 1982 , he pursued graduate studies at the University of Waterloo who is also in Ontario. Then completed his Masters in aeronautical systems from the University of Tennessee in 1992.

Canadian cultural production which best defines Canada

Connections between the production and my own knowledge

Going into space is hard work and preparations. I believe this Canadian production does not define stereotypes since it is a long process. No matter where you come from, if you want you can be astronote one condition that you work hard to get there. The production of Chris Hadfield is simply very successful . It initiated several studies to process and deliver him his wishes.

Chris Hadfield Interview

Chris Hadfield Interview


I believe that the Canadian Production of Chris Hadfield is all positive. He is an inspire man who have alot of knowledge and experiences. The way he preapared himself to this long journey is amaizing. In his life is did a lot of studies in so many different subject that it made him a proud Candadian. His production is not a Canadian stereotype. He start fom nothing and finished with all the knowledge that he needed to achived a lot of things in his life.