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In these chapters of Feed, it mainly talks about Violet’s family background and herself. At the beginning of the chapter, Violet chats through the feed with Titus about all the products she asked about when they went to the mall. There are a lot of important information in these chapters that change how the story goes. We learned that she receives the feed when she was 7 years old, because her family was not wealthy when she was born. Base on what she did in the mall the other way, and the way she talks about the feed, we can tell that she thinks it is a nuisance than something useful. Even though Violet is not as rich as Titus, she is smarter than him, because she knows how the life is with or without the feed. She also actually learned things before she was seven. Sometimes Titus feels sad when Violet knows more than he does. We also learned that over seven percent of people have feed, only a small percentage does not. At the mall she tried to ask about all the useless things for her in order to mess up the feed system, and that is a good example of her being against the feed.

Literary Theories in Feed


Marxism is one of the most important theme through the whole book. The author does not show who has money or not at the beginning of the book, so everyone seems like on the same level of social class. As the story keeps going, this becomes clearer. When Titus and Violet went to the mall, and Titus says,"A lot of it was too expensive or her dad just said no (Anderson 107)”. This really shows the feed shows all the ads about the cool things, but Violet's family can never afford them. It was kind of new for Violet to go to a mall, and she never spent that much time in such place like that. Because Titus' feed was hacked, his mom said, “We’ve decided to get you your own upcar (Anderson 118)”. Titus didn't really achieve anything special to be rewarded, but his parents just want to buy him a car to cheer him up. This shows a huge contrast between Titus' and Violet's family. Compare to Titus' family, Violet's dad saved money for years to let her go to a trip to moon.


In the book, feminism is shown by Violet expresses her feeling and radical view of feed. Violet and Titus are arguing about whether or not the world is a democracy. Titus believes it is a democracy because the feed said so, but Violet knows they live in a republic instead. She always make Titus quiet by telling him he is lack of basic knowledge because of the feed. At last, Violet proves she is right, so Titus feels sad about his silly, and inferior to Violet's intelligence. Violet said, “No one with feeds thinks about it. When you have the feed all your life, your brought up not to think about things. Like them never telling you that it’s a republic and not a democracy (Anderson 113)”. Violet gets mad and inpatient, so she calls Titus an “ignorant, self- centered idiot (Anderson 113)”. Then Titus feels sad and he keeps quiet even though Violet tries to chat him. Overall, Violet doesn't want to make Titus intolerable and to be mean to him, she just want to express her feeling about how stupid people will be without the feed.

Essential Questions

How does Feed illustrate the degeneration of human thought and language?

Feed has a big affection of degeneration of human thoughts and language for sure. In the book, the characters always chat on the feed instead of actual talk to each other. The chatting on Feed kind of take over how people communicate to each other, because of that people talk less and less. In the book, Violet said something to Titus, but he doesn't understand the word, so he has to look up in his Feed to find the definition the word. The Feed can only give information to people, but can never make people learn the knowledge.

How does Anderson’s work question the dangers of overreliance on technology?

The technology take over a huge part of humans life, and they can rely too much on it. The Feed is a great example that shows people rely on technology more than ever. The kids in the book rarely study, and they always need to look up words in their Feed, but they never learn the knowledge. In addition to that, it is also dangerous that someone hacks into the feed. Like what happens in the book, a guys hacks into the kids Feed on the moon. The Feed makes people all connect to a big internet, and this internet also can be attacked.

Discussion Question

The author dedicates the book “To those who resist the feed.” What is “the feed” in a real-life context and how can it be resisted? In what ways do you fight the feed?