CJM Monthly Matador

October 2018

Principal's Message

Our school year is off to a great start! We have had a busy Aug/Sep, as we are implementing exciting things to benefit our students:

o Art for ALL students – All CJM students, received the first of three art assemblies/lessons from Meet the Masters experts. Thanks to CJMCC for funding this program and providing parent volunteers.

o Computer Coding/Makerspace/Cybersafety - for 1st-5th graders will begin in a few weeks. Former President, Barack Obama had said, “In the new economy, computer science isn’t an optional skill – it’s a basic skill, right along with the three ‘Rs.’”

o Science Olympiad Trials – We had about 30 students participate in events & knowledge-based exams to earn a spot on the Science Olympiad Team. It was great to see so many kids and families engaging with science.

o After school enrichment programs (Yoga, Chess Masters, Mad Science, Code to the Future & Young Rembrandts) are up and running!

Thanks for your continued support! Mr. Bhojani

October 2018 Events

OCT. 2: 5 Parent Teacher Conferences, Minimum Days

OCT. 5: Make up Day Fall Portraits: 8:30am (MPR) / Spirit Drive Ends

OCT. 8: Fire Drill

OCT. 10: School Site Council Mtg 3-4pm

OCT. 12: Student of the Month Assembly (MPR)

OCT. 15: CJM Community Club Mtg: 9:20am (Annex)

OCT. 16, 17, 18: Parent Volunteer ID Badges 8:30-10am / 1-3pm (Annex)



OCT. 22: 26: Red Ribbon Week

OCT. 30: Mix It Up Day

OCT. 31: Harvest Parade

Transitional Kindergarten

Another month has flown by and we are learning so many new things every day! We are learning our letter sounds by using Zoophonics action movements. The Zoophonics animal characters encourage our students to use their eyes, ears AND whole bodies to demonstrate letter sounds in a fun and interactive way! We have also learned about different shapes and colors using art and music. We LOVE to sing in our class! The main focus during our math centers have been counting up and sorting by size. This month, will begin to sort by shape, make simple patterns, and practice identifying numbers 1-10. For our next IB unit, we will explore our 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) through stimulating sensory experiments. We will spring board into this unit by observing different types of pumpkins. We are also excited to embark on our next cultural unit, in which we will learn about Dia de los Muertos and other Latin traditions.


The month of October will be spooktacular for kindergarten! We will be starting a new IB unit, How We Express Ourselves. Students will read both fiction and non-fiction stories that create feelings through the author’s message. Students will be able to express their feelings through art, music, and using their words. As for writing, kindergarten will be starting to write narrative pieces. They will take an experience and create a 3-page book that has a beginning, middle and an end. As mathematicians, they will explore numbers 6-10 and add/subtract facts to 10. Ask us about five groups, and how easy it is to add when you use a five group or five stick.

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First Grade

We are having a great start to the school year! The students attended a fun assembly about caring for their environment called Grades of Green. They were taught about how they can recycle during lunch time. At the assembly, the speakers challenged our school to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and we are on our way. Our first graders are really excited about writing narrative stories throughout the school week. They are writing about small moments in their lives by adding exciting details and unfreezing their characters by adding actions and emotions. We are just finishing up our PYP planner, “How We Organize Ourselves”. Children will be working in cooperative groups to demonstrate their understanding of what it

Second Grade

Our Second Graders are going to be Super Scientists! Our new Primary Years Programme (PYP) Transdisciplinary Theme is How We Share the Planet. During the month of October the children will be inquiring and exploring about pollination, the interdependence of living things and habitats. Our October International Baccalaureate/Primary Years Programme Attribute is being Principled. All of our second graders are participating in the WVUSD Lucy Calkins Writers Workshop. It is so exciting to watch our students grow as writers! Our Second Grade team is looking forward to meeting with all of our awesome parents at the upcoming Parent and Teacher Conferences which begin on October 2-5, 2018. We will also honor Red Ribbon Week on October 23-26th. There will be school wide activities to participate in as the children learn the importance of saying “No to Drugs”! Lastly, we will participate in the annual Harvest Parade on October 31, 2018. We hope you can join us at the parade so you can see all of the CJM students dressed in their costumes.

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Third Grade

We had an amazing field trip to the fair last month where our students visited animal, rock, garden, and rocket exhibits. Thank you to all of our wonderful parent volunteer chaperones who joined us. In math, our students are continuing to master multiplication and division concepts, focusing on the 6’s, 7’s, 8’s and 9’s. Our current language arts unit is understanding the different ways characters shape stories in fictional text with a focus on fables, myths, and folktales. The IB planner we are working on is “Sharing the Planet,” as the students inquire and learn that living things have unique life cycles and must make adaptations in order to survive in a world of change. The students are excited to observe the “real life” transitions of the butterfly life cycle in their classrooms!

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is finishing the "Who We Are Planner" with our silhouettes displaying our values, beliefs, profile attributes and attitudes. We made maps of the California Regions using beans, seeds and pasta to represent the different regions. It was a lot of fun! We are also becoming experts about the Native American tribes of California. We are excited to go to the Rodeo this month and learn more about our local history. In Math, we are learning multiple ways to solve multi-digit multiplication problems, and enjoy working on ST Math. Finally, Writers Workshop is focusing on strategies to write Realistic Fiction. Fourth grade is just a very busy place!

Fifth Grade

Students are continuing to write personal narratives about small moments in their lives. Our writers are learning how to use techniques that professional writers use to raise the level of their writing. We cannot wait to share these stories with families. Students are also learning how to improve their summary writing and cite evidence in short answer responses. In math, students are learning about adding and subtracting decimals. They are using models, number lines, and drawings to represent decimals. We are closing out our IB Unit “How We Express Ourselves” where students learned about different text features in informational and persuasive texts. We will soon be diving into our next IB Unit as we explore “How the World Works.” Students will feel what it like is to be a scientist as they investigate physical and chemical changes. Be prepare for our students coming home and turning their kitchen into a laboratory. October is going to be an exciting month!