My Discrict's Mission Statement

Technology for One and For ALL!

Straight from the Source

The Fall River Public Schools are committed to the belief that all students will be successful learners and will be
prepared to function as citizens, workers and consumers in a technological society.
We believe…
● technology enhances the quality and scope of teaching and learning
● all stakeholders will receive equitable access to technology
● technology should be integrated across the curricula to maximize effective and meaningful
● Through the expanded use of digital media, assistive technologies, and universally designed
instruction, diverse learners have access to the curriculum, including those with learning and
communication disabilities, cognitive impairments, visual and auditory impairments, and physical
● administrators, staff, and students must be provided with the appropriate tools, instruction and
methodology to fully integrate technology in the education process
● technology resources must continually be evaluated, assessed, and upgraded to ensure maximum
opportunity for all learners to be competitive in a technological world
● all learners will have the opportunity, through technology, to reach their full potential and lead lives
as participants in the political and social life of the Commonwealth and as contributors to its’

How Does This Compare to my Own Philosophy?

Here's How

I'm a true believer! I see technology as a valuable asset to teaching and learning. I also believe that through technology students from all economic backgrounds can have a fair and equitable education. I'm fighting to close the gap. My students deserve the same opportunities to learn from technology as other more well-funded districts.

Discrict's Technology Plan

Located below is the link to my district's complete technology plan