Something to HOOT about!

Ms. Cipriano's Newsletter- Week of September 21st

Weekly Academics


•Question of the week: “How do children work and play together?”

•Amazing words: proud, cooperation, preparation, creation, float, and guide.

•The students practiced reading and writing the high-frequency words, I and am.

•We have been practicing our reading strategies such as pointing to each word as they read the sentence. They know that their reading finger helps them read the words from left to right.

•As the students begin to write sentences, they are learning about how words are separated by spaces and that sentences end with a period.

•We read many exciting books this week in class. Some of our favorites are We Are So Proud, FALL and Be Polite and Kind.


•Numbers 1-5

•Counting 4 and 5 in different arrangements

•Used objects to problem solve


•We celebrated Peace day on Monday. We brainstormed things/ activities that made us feel peaceful and calm.

•Discussed elements of Fall/Autumn

SEL: We continue to sit as a class and place ourselves somewhere on the Mood Meter! We took part in an assembly called, Rights and Responsibility. At the assembly, students learned strategies and ways to be a good friend and help others who need help. These strategies will help us all feel safe, responsible and happy in school.

Peek at Next Week

-Continue with We Are So Proud

-Characters and setting

-Letter F-N

-HFW (I and am)

-Handwriting practice

-Comparing and ordering numbers 0 to 5


Please check your child’s red folder daily and empty the papers. Homework and notices are the only thing that should remain in the folder.

If their is a change in dismissal, please place a note in the folder. All notes should be signed with your signature.

WE RECEIVED 10 COMPLIMENTS!!! Look for a letter in the upcoming weeks indicating the day of the pizza party! Kudos to the kids. Mrs. Slappay and I are so proud of them!

Fundraiser at Applebees

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 8am

684 Sunrise Highway

Baldwin, NY

You will be served breakfast by the School #6 teachers!


Saturday, Nov. 21st, 8:30am

186 Alice Avenue

Oceanside, NY

I will be teaching one of the workshops!