Welcome to Millerton!

By: Emma Sayegh & Skylar Diez

Tips on how to survive in school?

  1. Stay away from the mean girls! (aka Nancy and Janet)

  2. Don’t go near someone you don’t trust

  3. Pick a couple friends, you don’t need everybody
  4. Try to behave, most teachers are super nice

Tips for which topics can start a conversation?

  1. Fred Carmel’s Fun Time Carnival

  2. The Cotillion

  3. The Ice Cream Man

  4. The music on the 4th of July

Resources for Newcomers!

1. There are many food markets in Millerton!

2. There is a boarding house; people move in if the don't have a place to stay!

3. The Library is great for school or for any books you just want to read for fun!

4. Go outside and talk to your neighbors! I bet they're really nice.

Local stores and restaurants!

1. The supermarket is very close to the boarding house, very helpful to the boarders!

2. The library is good for not only school, but just if you want to go read or get some work done!

3. The yarn shop, is very useful to people who like knitting in their free time.

4. The meat wagon is good for chefs, that need to cook dinner for people at their houses.

Music in Millerton!

1. On the 4th of July they played patriotic songs

2. At Carnivals they play fun songs for the carnival

3. At the Cotillion, they play lots of songs that the kids would like

4. When the kids buy ice cream from the ice cream man, they here his truck song.

Our Friends at Hattie's boarding House!

1. Mr. Penny used to own a clock shop, he has millions of clocks in his room.

2. Mrs. Haggerty loves to do her makeup (tip- DO NOT walk in her room unless she has makeup on!)

3. Cookie is the chef of the house. She likes to get up early to make sure she has everyone's meal ready!

4. Catherine is the same age as Hattie, they liked to swing on the swings on the front porch

5. Hattie is best friends with Catherine and Betsy, and she likes to help Cookie with meals and play with Catherine.

Friends you can make in Millerton

1. One friend you can make is Catherine. She is in the 7th grade and is very nice and fun to be around.

2. Another friend you can make is Hattie. She is nice to mostly everyone, as long as they are nice to her back!

3. Betsy is a very nice person too. Although she goes away every summer, she likes to have fun with her friends!

4. On last person you can make friends with is Adam. He is Hattie's Uncle, but does not seem like an Uncle at all. He is funny, nice, and super fun to be around!