Southeast by Christian G

physical and human characteristics


The states in the Southeast region are South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

Physical characteristics

Southeast landforms

If you visit the Southeast region you will drive over rolling hills, and you will see rivers like Rich River. You will also see valleys and flat areas. The flat areas and valleys are good for farming. Many people grow crops and raise animals. Visit the landforms in the Southeast they are great for playing.

Bodies of water of the Southeast

The southeast bodies of water are Ohio River, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic. These bodies of water are good because they have a lot of fish for people in the Southeast region. Visit the bodies of water in the Southeast they are rapid.

Southeast climate

You should visit the Southeast because the climate is great. Because the southeast climate is mostly warm and the winters are very short.When you visit hear in the southeast you will think the winters are short and that is true the winters are very short. So Visit the summers in the Southeast they are great.

Southeast natural resoucers and why are important

The Southeast's natural resources are the ocean, forest, minerals, and fuel. These things are important because we would not have water, wood, money, and gas. Visit the southeast sometimes you will love the jewels.

Southeast main languages spoken

The main languages spoken in the Southeast are English , and Spanish. Also, they speak Spanish because florida is close to Cuba.go to florida in the Southeast you will learn how to speak Spanish.

Southeasts housing

The Southeast housing is normal like us in Kentucky. Come to Kentucky in the Southeast they have great housing.

Southeast major cities.

The Southeast cities are Miami, tampa, orlando, Jacksonville, west palm beach, sarasota, New Orleans, Huntsville, memphis, and Knoxville. Come to Southeast the summers are great in tampa and Miami.

Southeast businesses

The Southeast businesses are agriculture. It is an important business because it grows plants and raise animals. So visit the businesses in the Southeast because they are great.

Southeast fun facts

The Southeast region has also become a center for food processing because it grows so much cotton that the southeast is the center of our country textile industry.The Southeast is also home to disney land in Orlando. So come and visit disney land in Orlando you would not want to miss it.

key words


Agriculture is farmers growing crops and raising animals.

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is just a big ocean covering the southeasts.