By: Josh Lewis

Followers of Judaism are called Jews. They believe the teachings are God created the universe,human beings are created in the image of God,and God's creation was good. The traditions and Sacraments of Judaism are where some eat only Kosher no pork and mix milk with meat products. The place Jews go to worship is called a Synagogue. The teacher of Torah is Rabbi. The Holy Book of Judaism is Tanakh and Torah. The Holidays and Holy days for the Jews are Yom Kippur,Passover,Rosh Hashanah, and Hanakuh. The Holy Site for Jews the Western Wall also sometimes called the Wailing Wall. The Common Figure to Judaism,Christianity, and Islam is Abraham. The God for Judaism is Yahweh, for Christianity is God or Jesus, and for Islam is Allah. In Christianity, Judaism, and Islam they believe in one God which is called Monotheism.