My volleyball story

The lesson I learned from the sport I love.

From the beginning

It was three years ago in sixth grade. One of my friends who just left C.C. Griffin told me I should try to go to the workouts. I really didn't want to go to it at first because My goal was to play basketball. But I went anyway. That was the first time I heard of volleyball inside, but i went to see what it was. When I partnered up with someone and they tossed the ball to me and I just shanked the ball. Of course that just made me want to get it right. I kept trying and the next year I tried out for the volleyball team. I tried as hard as I could. But I didn't make it. I got the second best thing. Manager.

Don't Give Up!


Manager really sucked at first. I always got picked last to play and I'm pretty sure nobody liked me. But I kept pushing forward. So during a fun game I finally got to play. It doesn't count for anything though. I was so scared. Especially when it was my turn to serve. Everybody knew i couldnt serve. I tossed up the ball, stepped forward, and hit the ball. My first serve was a ace.

Where I am now...

That serve made me the volleyball addict I am now. I had told myself if i couldnt get a serve over at least once I would quit playing because it wasnt the sport for me. But it is. I play as libero on the JV team at Central and im starting club.

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