FWHMS Family Newsletter

Connecting Families to School - October 2018

Attendance Matters

According to Attendance Works, showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Even as children grow older and more independent, families play a key role in making sure students get to school safely every day and understand why attendance is so important for success in school and on the job.

Did You Know?

  • Students should miss no more than 9 days of school each year to stay engaged, successful and on track to graduation.
  • Absences can be a sign that a student is losing interest in school, struggling with school work, dealing with a bully or facing some other potentially serious difficulty.
  • Missing 10 percent, or about 18 days, of the school year can drastically affect a student’s academic success.
  • Students can be chronically absent even if they only miss a day or two every few weeks.

September Attendance Rate

6th grade - 96.6%

7th grade - 95.8%

8th grade - 96.5%

Total Number of Tardies for September - 105

Total Number of Early Dismissals for September - 103

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Open eBooks - Free Resource

Today your child received a letter about Open eBooks from his/her English teacher. Each child has a unique username and password that allows them to access Open eBooks on any device to read at no cost. This was provided to us from FirstBook. For more information, please visit their website at: http://openebooks.net/. We hope you find this useful and helps to give your child more access to books at home.

6th Grade Nature's Classroom Informational Meeting - Wednesday, October 3rd at 6 pm

Grade 6 Purple and Gold Teams

Please check your child’s agenda binder for a notice about an important Nature’s Classroom informational meeting on Wednesday, October 3 at 6 PM in the media center at the Hartnett Middle School. If you are not able to attend we will send the paperwork home with your child. If your child has decided not to go, there is still time to change his/her mind.

Thank you for your generous donations of tissues, cleaning wipes, paper towels and hand sanitizer! We will gladly accept these donations any time throughout the year!

Friendly reminder to replenish school supplies -- especially pencils.

Grade 7 Gold Team and Grade 7/8 Purple Team

Congratulations, we all survived our first month back to school! All staff are very excited for what this school year has in store. It has been a very busy month, and we have already accomplished so much (i.e. our first team day, completing and reviewing summer reading and math, and having our Meet the Teacher night). The month of October will also be full of rigor and new challenges.

On November 8th & 9th, the seventh grade will have a two-day field trip to the Ropes Course at the Hockomock YMCA. Please keep in mind that students will either need to purchase a lunch or bring a lunch for both days along with plenty of water. Students should dress in comfortable clothing and in layers and should also wear sneakers. Cell phones will only be permitted on the bus and can only be used to listen to music. Students may not text or take pictures with their cell phones for the duration of the trip. We are looking forward to a fantastic and memorable trip! If any parents/guardians would like to volunteer to chaperone this year’s field trip please contact either Mrs. Hannon or Mrs. Dansereau at 508-876-0190 or hhannon@bmrsd.net or ldansereau@bmrsd.net by Thursday, October 18, 2018. All fully signed permission slips and the $66 fee need to be submitted no later than Thursday, October 18th as well.

Please be sure to check our Homework Page to see all teachers’ homework for the week. We try our hardest to have this updated by the end of the day on Mondays.

Finally, thank you to all the families who attended our Meet the Teacher Night and an even greater THANK YOU to all the families that made donations of needed items to the teachers.

Grade 8 Gold Team

Civics - Students have been working on analyzing and understanding the basic foundations of our United States government structure with our first debate.

ELA - Students will continue reading and analyzing the short story "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. Students will also begin to review the elements of analytical writing. They will create single paragraph essay's responding to the literature we read.

Algebra - Students are currently working on inequalities after finishing their unit on equations. Extended Algebra students are concluding their equations unit this week, and then will be moving on to a unit in Geometry all about transformations.

Science - Students are studying Motion and have begun with calculating speed. The Mr. Edmunds video helps students with remembering the formula to do the necessary calculations for speed and motions.

After School Availability

Monday: Mrs. Abisla sabisla@bmrsd.net

Tuesday: Mrs. Finnegan kfinnegan@bmrsd.net

Wednesday: Mr.Healy bhealy@bmrsd.net and Mr. Dewolf mdewolf@bmrsd.net

Thursday: Mrs. Scott lscott@bmrsd.net

Español Happenings

Don’t forget to check out my Google Site for important information, sign and fill out the REMIND permission slip for communications, and encourage your student to go onto our Google Classroom where lots of videos and practice games are available for him/her!

6th Grade: Students have learned the correct pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet, hopefully they can sing it to you! The students also learned many classroom phrases and commands, so they know what to do when I ask them to do something in Spanish. We are currently learning and practicing the colors in order to make our vocabulary richer and describe objects in Spanish. Each student will help to create a book written entirely in Spanish in the upcoming weeks. Your students should be able to teach you all of the Spanish colors very soon!

7th Grade: Students have learned how to have basic conversations in Spanish, they can introduce themselves and others, as well as tell you what they like. They are learning how to understand the spoken language and answer questions in Spanish. We reviewed the Spanish alphabet and correct pronunciations, and in the near future they will be creating skits in small groups to demonstrate their language skills. Since it is National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15), next week, the students will be researching a famous Hispanic American and sharing with the class their impact on our society.

8th Grade: Students have learned how to introduce themselves and others, indicate what they (and others) like and dislike, as well as describe themselves and others with adjectives. The students are hearing more Spanish everyday, and are working in groups to perform skits to demonstrate their knowledge and language skills. Students worked together to create greeting scenes and performed them in front of the class. Since it is National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15), the students will be researching a famous Hispanic American and sharing with the class their impact on our society.

Spanish 1: Students are getting used to hearing more Spanish than ever! They have learned about cognates, English words that come from Spanish origins, greetings, emotions, farewells, numbers, basic conversations, months, dates, and important calendar vocabulary. We have done a LOT in a few weeks. Your students used numbers in a meaningful way during our game of El Mercado. In pairs, the students had to bargain with other students to try to buy and sell their wares to gain the most wealth. The pictures show some of the students trying to buy/sell with others, the whole time in Spanish!

Wellness Happenings

If your child is in a first quarter wellness class, and you have not received emails regarding the procedures, expectations, content areas, and grading procedures, as well as the first class update, which summarizes what your child should know and be able to do as well as information about assessments in the parent portal, please let me know. I can be reached at mblanchard@bmrsd.net. The second class update will be sent through email around October 10th.

Grade 6 Our learning in the coming days will be focused on goal setting, and conflict management skills. Officer Dave Laudon, the School Resource Officer, will be co-teaching lessons about tobacco beginning on October 3rd.

Grade 7 Our learning will be focused on getting the sleep we need. We will learn about the science of sleep, the stages of sleep, consequences for not getting enough sleep, common sleeping problems, and developing strategies for getting enough sleep.

Grade 8 Managing stress including types of stressors, the body’s response to stress and strategies for managing stress were most recently learned. The next lesson will focus on recognizing mental health conditions. Topics will include types of mental health conditions, causes and treatment, recognizing risk factors of suicide, warning signs, and treatment of underlying health conditions Mrs. Mignanelli and Mrs. Rielly will be helping to facilitate the lesson on suicide.

Art Happenings

Students have started the year by focusing on symbolism in art and creating an illusion of depth and form on flat paper.

6th grade - Students used linear perspective skills to create a mathematically precise locker filled with items that are symbolic of their personality and hobbies.

7th grade - Students learned how warm colors appear to come forward and cool colors recede, which they then used to create depth in their contour line partner portraits.

8th grade - Students applied their knowledge of value and shading in a two-part still-life project depicting an item that is meaningful to them, thus symbolizing what they find important. The students will continue to apply depth and form techniques as we move onto painting units in each grade.

8th grade GEM - Students also explored symbolism as they created illustrations for a new book cover design of their summer reading book, on which they hinted at what happens through symbolic imagery and will include a book summary blurb to attract the reader.

Physical Education Happenings

This year at HMS, our PE curriculum continues to promote the teamwork concepts of collaboration, communication and empathy throughout all of our physical activities. It is through play where children learn the greatest lessons which they carry through their lifespan. New this year is a Leisure Games and Activities Unit where students will explore all of the fun ways to be active in their free time including, but not limited to corn hole, spikeball, kan-jam and more. Also, we are still looking for donations of no longer used golf equipment to incorporate into our Individual Sports Unit. Finally, please visit and bookmark Mr. Northup’s website: www.coachnorthup.weebly.com for more in depth information, updates and resources to help keep you and your family in the know!

Guidance News



During the middle school years, homework gets more intense. The time spent on homework is roughly 10 minutes times the grade your child is in. An important way to help is to make sure your child has a quiet, well-lit, distraction-free place to study that's stocked with school supplies. distraction-free means no electronics except homework-related resources. Have your child check the Homework page on our school website if he/ she did not fill in the agenda. Be sure to check in from time to time to make sure that your child hasn't gotten distracted.

Sit down with your child regularly to talk about class loads and make sure they're balanced. It's also a good idea to set a specific start time for homework each night. Helping preteens and teens establish a homework schedule and consistent homework routine sends a message that academics are a priority.

Encourage your child to ask for help when it's needed. Most teachers are available for extra help, and also might be able to recommend other resources. Check the student or parent portal regularly, it is usually updated minimally every two weeks. All students have a portal that you can have him/her log on to on the BMRSD.NET website under the Student Tab. Have your child look at, and show you his/her grades. As much as possible, allow your child to advocate for him or herself when they need help. These steps help instill good academic and life skill habits.

Modified from https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/school-help-middle.html?WT.ac=ctg

PBIS Club News

PBIS Club is celebrating National Smile Day on this Thursday, October 4th. All students and staff are invited to wear yellow to bring a sunny smile to someone's day. All students who wear yellow on October 4th will be entered into a raffle to win a gift certificate to the school store! Smile stickers will be handed out in the morning.


The PTO wants you! The HMS PTO is looking for new members to help with our many fundraising events. The PTO raises money to assist with the cost of after school clubs, field trips, and much more. Consider attending our meetings to learn more!

Click here to be added to our email list.

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, October October 4th - 6th Grade Social - Click here to volunteer
  • Monday, October 15th - PTO Meeting (click here for a full list of PTO meetings throughout the year.)

Parent volunteer are required to have a current CORI. Please check with the HMS office to learn if you have a current CORI. If you need one, fill out this form and bring it to the HMS office along with a license or valid I.D.


The Frederick W. Hartnett Middle School yearbook is now on sale, and during the month of October, you can get you yearbook for $32.00 (normally $40.00.) Click here to order online, or print out the this form and return it, with payment, to Mrs. Tasker in the Library Media Center.

Homework Website

The homework website is a link on the FWHMS website. It is a place for parents and students to view nightly homework Click here to view the new site directly.

Pay Online for School Lunch

You can pay for your child's school lunch online at myschoolbucks.com or download the app. You will need your child's ID number to enroll.

You can view the account balance, see what was purchased, and schedule automatic payments if you wish.

District School Nutrition News

Looking to make some extra money while your kids are at school? The School Cafeteria could use your help. Sub positions are always available with potential for permanent positions. Please contact Lora Rayos, Administrative Assistant to School Nutrition at

508-876-0193 opt. #4 or lrayos@bmrsd.net. We look forward to hearing from you!

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, October 2nd

  • Progress Reports in Parent Portal

Wednesday, October 3rd

  • 6th Grade Nature's Classroom Parent Informational Meeting

Thursday, October 4th

  • Smile Day sponsored by PBIS Club
  • 6 pm to 8 pm - 6th Grade Social sponsored by FWHMS PTO

Friday, October 5th

  • No School - Professional Day

Monday, October 8th

  • No School - Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 9th

  • 9:30 am to 10:30 am - District Title 1 Parent Meeting - FWHMS Media Center

Monday, October 15th

  • 5 pm to 6 pm - School Council
  • 6 pm to 7 pm - PTO Meeting

Tuesday, October 16th

  • Penny Wars Begins - sponsored by StuCo

Friday, October 19th

  • Penny Wars Ends - sponsored by StuCo

Friday, October 26th

  • 7th/8th Grade Dance - sponsored by StuCo
  • Jack O'Lantern Contest begins - sponsored by HMS PTO

Tuesday, October 30th

  • Mix It Up at Lunch - sponsored by PBIS club

Wednesday, October 31st

  • Jack O'Lantern Contest ends - sponsored by HMS PTO

Be sure to visit our school web site to view our school events calendar.

ABC's of Student Success

F is for Failure

When a child experiences failure - on a test, the ball field, or anywhere else:

  1. acknowledge the child's natural feelings of frustration and disappointment.
  2. don't try to minimize the situation because it does matter to your child.
  3. help your child evaluate the cause for failure and use what was learned to create a new strategy and try, try again.


Math @ Home

Math with M&M's

Open a small bag of M&M's. How many of each color did you find in the bag? Create a chart with the colors written on a paper. Next to the word, write the number of M&M's found of that particular color. Which color was more plentiful? Open a second bag and do the same steps to see if you have different results.


Parent Pointers

Modeling Good Citizenship
  • Be a good role model at all times. Children learn from what they witness.
  • Model a clear sense of right and wrong by making thoughtful decisions.
  • Show children you care about people by modeling friendships with others, lending a helping hand to neighbors, or working with charity organizations.
  • Practice recycling at home. It demonstrates wise use of Earth's resources.

School-wide Ongoing Fundraisers

BoxTops - You can find the tops on participating products. Cut out the top and have your child bring it to school. We earn 10 cents for each top collected. Visit www.boxtops4education.com for a listing of products.

Stop & Shop A Plus Program - Register your rewards card to help us earn $$. Log on to www.stopandshop.com/aplus to register online USE SCHOOL ID: 07080 or dial 1-877-275-2758 to register your card over the phone.

Amazon - Please click here to shop on Amazon.com. A small percentage of what you purchase will go to the Hartnett Middle School PTO to help support field trips, assemblies, special events, and after school programming. It is the same Amazon.com you may use, with a small percentage supporting middle school students.

FWHMS Communication and Happenings

School website (http://www.bmrsd.net/frederick_home.aspx)

Our website is the main hub of information. The following is key information you will find:

  • Daily Intercom Announcements
  • Monthly School Calendar
  • Homework Page
  • Monthly Family Newsletter Links
  • After-school Program Information/Registration
  • BMR Athletes Information/Registration Details
  • Staff names and emails

OneCall will be used in the following ways:


For Emergency only - such as unplanned early dismissals or information on an emergency in the building. They will be sent after 3:30 pm and end before 8 pm.

Roboemails - On Tuesdays and Fridays only (as needed)

For standard communication - such as portal access to progress reports, report card distribution, the monthly newsletter release, registration information for sports/after-school clubs, field trip information, and other information as needed. The emails may be by whole school or by grade level depending on the communication needs.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

We use all our social media to share special happenings after they have happened so that families can see what we are doing. You can find us on all platforms at @fwhms2003

It is the policy of the Blackstone-Millville Regional School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability, in its educational programs, services, activities, or employment practices; as defined and required by state and federal laws. Further information may be obtained by contacting Dr. Janis LaPorte at 508-876-0190 or jlaporte@bmrsd.net.