No Recess Is A Crime

By rodrigo

Middle school rights

Do you think we should have no recess in middle? Well if you do you should Definitely read on so you can use these facts to convince your middle school to have outdoor recess. I wrote this because I am going to middle school next year and they have no recess so I want to still have recess because I love playing outside. Also because i just love meating new people and recess is how I made most of my freids same with some other kids. So if we don't have recess some kids are shy and won't open up sothey never will if there is no recess in middle schhol especially if they moved to a new school. If you ask me recess is great for making friends because if you are playing the same game that means you have somthing in common so you never know they could be your future best friend.
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Kids over weight

It is sad really because kids should know when to stop playing games, phones, and watching tv and go out side and have fun outside. The ones that don't go out much need to because 25% of a kids day is spent on tv or video games and kids are getting over weight says Teen Ink. It's rather sad I mean all you have to do is play tag or sports or even swing it's that easy. But if a kid is all ready over weight it could be harder so I am telling you now so your future kids will get a head start on trying not to get over weight and to stay fit. More and more kids from 1980 to 2013 have gotten over weight because they are exercising and this facts was from
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To Much Medicine

More kids need to use more and more medicine to stay Focus in school. That's not far if you ask me because some kids it's not their falts they where just born that way and are not used to taking two pills and some kids are scared of just taking one pill alone because i remeber when I used be scared to take a pill. Also basically are forced to take twice the medicine in one day.Kids with ADD/ADHD could use exercise instead of medicine says John Ratey, M.D., an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

.lack of focus


.poor social skills"

Also this came from the ADHD in Children Health Center. Here that?

Thats the sound of me proving me right even more than I already was.

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Having Recess Could Prevent Drugs

More kids die from miss used prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined. Wich if you ask me that should not be like that kids should be smart enough to tell weather something is bad for them or not. I mean it's just like putting your hand in fire and just letting it bern until it bern's off. Well thats just the way I think of it.

$40 billion dollars are spent on cops and judges mostly because of drugs. Forty billion dollars I mean come on,people these days should not treat them selfs that way it's just like paying thousands of dollars to die quicker.

Each year more and more teens and kids start to use marijuana and other drugs. TEENS/KIDS ARE DUMB!!! I just don't get it? They could have way more possibilities in life if they don't take drugs. If you take drugs your just setting your self up for failure in life. Most of this could go away if we had recess in middle school.

Smokers vs Normal Lungs

Worst part of my Smore

The end yes the end the worst part indeed it is the worst part of my smore. Well no recess in middle school is a crime because recess could help you gain social confidence and make new friends, recess in middle could also help kids from not being over weight and if they where already over weight it could help them become not over weight, recess also helps with getting out energy and help kids not use as much medicine to stay focused, and finally it could help prevent kids from using drugs. Ok just to let i'm expecting am A+++ because I worked super hard on this project and I did not just work really hard on it for two weak's straight for nothing also just to let you know.
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