Santan Quarterly Report

Q2 2020

Keep Calm & Storm On!

Letter from the "Editor"... Mary Ann Rezzonico

Dear Santan Junior High Families:

Happy New Year! I hope that this year brings joy and prosperity to each and every one of you. I am looking forward to a year of opportunity, growth, and reflection. Many lessons have been learned through the challenges that faced all of us in 2020. My hope is that we all remain committed to the well-being of the Santan community and continue to be respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others. We do not all have to agree to be kind.

Setting goals is an old tradition around the world. It is so wonderful when we can reflect on our goals and see that we have accomplished them later on in the year! Research shows that individuals who set goals and share with others are much more likely to achieve them. Have a conversation with your student about what they would like to accomplish in 2021.

A special thank you to all of the families that donated to the Booster Club holiday gift card drive. Your love and appreciation for our wonderful Santan teachers and support staff is sincerely appreciated. The Booster Club provided a lovely picnic luncheon and a gift card sack for each of our hard-working staff members.

Registration is underway. We are excited to welcome our new Santan families to our school during our site orientations at our feeder elementary schools. 6th grade orientation is scheduled virtually on Monday, January 25. There will be two sessions, one from 5:00 to 6:00 pm and another from 6:15 to 7:15 pm. Administrators will present information followed by a question and answer session for families. We encourage you to attend with your student virtually, look for more information to come regarding sign-up and access. If you have any questions regarding any of our programs for the 2021-2022 school year, please do not hesitate to call. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your children and our school.

Thank you for your generous tax-credit donations this year. Your donations afford SJHS to provide extra-curricular opportunities for your children such as field trips, clubs, and sponsorships. If you have not yet made a donation, there is still time, you can donate prior to the filing of your 2020 tax return.

Looking forward to a brighter new year with many learning and growth opportunities for our SJHS students.

Educationally yours,

Mary Ann Rezzonico



Please call the attendance line to excuse your student's absence. (480) 883-4603 This line is available 24 hrs a day!


  • 8/31/20
  • 11/19/20
  • 2/1/21
  • 4/19/21

Upcoming Dates to remember:

  • December 17 - Last day for students
  • December 18th - January 4 - Winter Break
  • January 6 - Students return Virtual
  • January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr Day - No School
  • January 19 - Students return to campus
  • January 22 - 8th High School Registration
  • January 25 - 6th Grade Orientation
  • February 4 - Early Release Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • February 15 - Presidents Day - No School
  • March 12 - 3rd quarter ends - Last day for students
  • March 23 - Q4 Students return

REGISTER MY ATHLETE (Athletic Clearance)

In an effort to streamline the Athletic Clearance process, Chandler Unified School District has gone paperless. Please follow the link to the Santan Athletic website for details on how to Register your Athlete for a sport for the 2020/2021 school year.

You can also go directly onto the website to register your Athlete.

2020-2021 Tentative Sports Seasons


Boy's Basketball

Girl's Softball

Cross Country (no cut)



Girl's Basketball

Boy's Soccer

Wrestling (no cut)


Girl's Soccer

Boy's Volleyball

Track & Field (no cut)

If you have not already uploaded your complete Athletic Packet to, please go to our school website, and click on the Athletics tab to learn what forms are required in order for your student to tryout or participate in an extracurricular sport this school year.

Athletic forms can be found at

Please refer to the sports schedule for game information under

Chandler Education Foundation Winners Choice Car Raffle

The Chandler Education Foundation is pleased to announce its 2020/2021 Winner’s Choice Car Raffle. The winner will have a choice between $20,000 in cash or up to $27,000 towards the purchase of 2021 Toyota vehicle of your choice. The raffle drawing will be held on March 22, 2021.

All early bird winners will have their stubs placed back in the drawing for the grand prize drawing on March 22, 2021.

Tickets are $20 and will be available in the SJHS office.


What is AzMERIT?

The AzMERIT test has been developed by Arizona educators to give teachers a better idea of how students are doing in reading, writing and math.

Why do we need a test?

AzMERIT is like an annual checkup—an important opportunity to find out how your child is doing. Just as doctors check height and weight, teachers use the test to check how your child is doing in reading, writing and math.

Who takes the tests?

Students in 3rd grade through high school will take the AzMERIT test this spring. High school students will be given at the end of their courses, similar to a final exam.

How do I help my child prepare?

All of the work your child has been doing in the classroom this year has helped prepare him/her for this test. Every project, assignment and discussion has helped teach your child critical thinking and problem solving skills.

As a parent, one of the most important things you can do is to talk with your child about the assessment to help minimize any fear or anxiety your child may be feeling. You can even take a practice test with your child at home to become more familiar with the format and types of questions that will be asked. Another important thing you can do, is to check in regularly with your child’s teacher about his/her progress to see where your child needs more help or where he/she is ready to learn even more.

Learn more about the test and what your child needs to know to be successful at

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How Does My Child Qualify for National Honor Society for the 2021-22 school year?

-Must be enrolled in at least one higher level course, either one honor's or CATS class

-Must earn A's and no more than 2 B's on quarter 1, 2, and 3 report cards.

-Less than 3 CARE referrals

-No office referrals

-Complete a student application packet

-2 teacher letters of recommendation

Students will be eligible to apply after spring break. Applications and teacher recommendation forms will be available online after spring break and students will be able to complete the packet, print the letters to give their teachers, and submit their forms. The official dates will be released after spring break, put on school announcements, and on our website. It is the student’s responsibility to be informed of the deadlines and informational packets.


May 25th - Day 2 Elective

Classes will run on their regular schedule

May 26th - Day 1 Elective

Periods will run 76 minutes per class

2nd Hour - 9:02-10:18

4th Hour - 10:22-11:38

6th Hour - 11:42-12:58

May 27th - Day 1 Elective

Periods will run 76 minutes per class

1st Hour - 9:02-10:18

3rd Hour - 10:22-11:38

5th Hour - 11:42-12:58

Please send your student with a healthy snack. Due to the testing schedule, there will be no lunches those days and classrooms will not be interrupted for forgotten items. Thank you.

Santan Jr High-Incoming 7th Graders

Parents and Students are cordially invited to Santan Junior High School for an

evening of important information regarding your 7th grade year!

6th Grade Virtual Orientation Night

Date: Monday, January 25, 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

Please click on the link below to sign up.


Open Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year

  • Open Enrollment Applications for the 2021-22 school year will be available on the District Website ( starting December 18.

  • Students who are currently on Open Enrollment do not need to reapply to remain at the same school.

  • Secondary Open Enrollment Applications can be submitted January 11, 2021 beginning at 7:30 am at the District Office or any of the Secondary School offices.

  • Please contact your school registrar at 480-883-4631 if you have further questions.

Tax Credit Donations

Thank you for your generous contributions that help students become involved in fun, meaningful and life-enhancing activities.

Arizona law ARS 43-1089.01 enables taxpayers a tax credit contribution of up to $400.00 per calendar year if filing status is married, filing Joint Return; $200.00 per calendar year if filing status is Single or Head of Household; and, $200.00 per calendar year if filing status is Married filing separate return — for contributions that fund extracurricular activities in public schools. A tax credit is a full refund, not a deduction.

Contributions eligible for a tax credit are donated directly to schools, not to the state or the school district. To participate, follow the links listed on the CUSD website and indicate Santan Jr High School to donate online or you can print a form to complete and submit your contribution.



Santan Junior High

(updated and approved by SJHS Site Council 11/12/2019)

The dress code is actively enforced at Santan Junior High School. Throughout the year, teachers will be reviewing appropriate dress with all students. Several dress code issues, which warrant immediate attention, are outlined below; they are prohibited on our campus:

· Clothing or hairstyles that are detrimental to one’s health and safety or the health and safety of others are not permitted.

· Clothing shall be modest, clean and appropriate for school wear.

· Students shall not wear: tank tops, halter tops, garments with spaghetti straps, strapless garments. Garments that are see-thru, cut low, or expose one’s midriff are not acceptable. No sleeveless garments which expose under garments. Clothing must cover the entire buttocks and extend to a reasonable length to ensure modesty.

· No hats, visors bandanas, hairnets, and other hair coverings on campus.

· Sunglasses and earpods must be removed before coming into the classroom and buildings.

· For student safety, no house slippers should be worn to school.

· Chains, hanging belts, and spiked bracelets/necklaces/earrings are not allowed on campus.

The dress code is in compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes 15-342.22. Thorough guidelines of CUSD Dress Code and Appearance can be found in the student handbook.

Students violating the dress code will be asked to change into appropriate clothing housed in the CARE room. We appreciate your early attention to compliance with these standards of dress.

Important Resources on Vaping or E-cigarettes

For more information about Vaping or E-cigarettes, please click on the following resources:

CNN Report: Vaping an epidemic in US high schools

CNN - Vaping an epidemic in US high schools

You Tube Video:

E-Cigarette Vapor Contains Toxic Heavy Metals

PowerPoint about the dangers of E-Cigarettes:

E-Cigarette PowerPoint

PowerPoint created by Officer Quinn from the Chandler Police Department:

Parent Presentation about Vaping and Other Drugs


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This page includes school calendars (currently up to the 2023-2024 school year) which are updated immediately after any changes are made by the Governing Board. State and district testing calendars are added here as they are created and updated.


This pages includes links to the school handbooks for ALL of our schools. It also includes the CTE course sequence and all high school course catalogs.


This pages includes the boundary maps for elementary, junior high, and high schools. If there are changes or proposed maps available for public comment, these would be linked here as well.


This page guides the visitor through completing both elementary and secondary open enrollment applications.


This link goes directly to the CUSD Nutrition department's page with the meal menus for ALL of our schools.


This page guides elementary families, secondary families and community members through making tax credit contributions. (Note that this page is ALREADY linked at the top right of every single page in your website.)


Lindsey Valentine -8th Grade
Phone: (480) 883-4628

Kathy Roman - 7th Grade
Phone: (480) 883-4606

Melissa Edwards - Administrative Counselor
Phone: (480) 883-4632


Please continue to check the Santan Junior High website and register for Schoolwires for important updates. You can also "like" us on Facebook (Santan Junior High) and Twitter (@SantanStorm).


Attendance Line 480-883-4603 (use this # to call your student out or late)

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Athletics 480-883-4610

Café 480-883-4604

Santan Junior High School

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