Come to life, Come to Texas

Come to settle in the Piney Woods area right here in Texas!

October 23, 1836

The Piney Woods area specially selected for yall to live in has the BEST land for business and living opportunity!

One of the many opportunities you might not get by settling somewhere else in Texas is the GREAT and plentiful supply of Pine trees! If you were to start a Lumber and trading business, you would make nothing BUT money here! And there are more business contingencies than that! We have great farming land here; and along with the Sabine and Nacogdoches rivers, it rains around 50 inches a year, plus, there are PLENTY of deer and hogs for the hunting!

How much land can you own? Here are the guidelines!

Here, an acre to you costs only 13 cents!

And fully grown man can buy up to 640 acres, and a single woman can buy 330 acres.

But a married man and woman can get get 1000 acres, plus an additional 200 acres for each child they have; that means if you have 3 children, you can get 1600 acres of land total! And if you own a business, you can get up to an extra 250 acres to build it on!

But the capping point for the amount of acres you can get is 5000, sorry!

Although there are wonderful opportunities here, there are a few rules to make sure you deserve the land we're selling you...

  1. No criminals

  2. No drunkards

  3. No idlers

  4. No profanity

  5. Must take an oath of loyalty to Texas

  6. Must become a citizen of Texas

  7. No slavery allowed

Need a way to get to our wonderful land?

If you are coming from Chicago or St. Louis, you can just take the Mississippi river to get here!, But if you are coming from Louisiana, you can take the good old Sabine river, and if you're coming from Oklahoma, take the Red River for the easiest path!

And if you're coming from any settlements nearby (such as Cameron, Filisola, Zavala, Burnet, and Vehlien), you can take trails along the borders of those settlements to get here!

Want to get land? Contact Me!

Name: Michael Timberglove

Address: 13, Dusty Road, Austin TX

P.O. Box: 7