World of Islam

By :Imelda Rivera

Importance of teachers teaching world of Islam

Number 1

Teachers should teach the Islam world to students so students can be informed about the history of Islam and how it worked back then . Teachers may think that Islam world is not important because we only concerned the United States as history . The Islam history is just as important as our history .
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Number 2

Islam world helps us explain the world in which we live. Without the Islam history we won't know what was going on back then .Helps us understand who we are and why we are what we are as a country .

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Number 3

To understand their culture and their lifestyle . Understand why they did what they did back then . Understanding the difference of different cultures and how they are the same . Also understanding what the believed and why ?With this knowledge of Islam history students can be able to analyze other cultures.

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Number 4

Islam made same Bad and good decisions back then and we can learn from their mistakes and do better . If teachers don't teach the Islam world we could do the same mistakes . Such as separating 2 political groups like the Shiite and the Sunni .
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Number 5

Another reason to study Islam history is because it helps us to understand change. Change comes every day, and without Islam history one doesn’t have anything to prepare them self for it.

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