Travel to the Nile.

The Nile River.

Arid landscape

The Arid Landscape is along the Nile river. It doesn't have much people living there unless they live like right along the Nile where they can grow crops to survive. The animals or pets can drink from just like you need to drink water.

The Great Bend

The Great Bend is one of the most unexpected features of the Nile. for most of the Nile the water flows north but in the middle of the Sahara it turns south west and flows away form the sea for 300 kilometers before turning back north. The reason for the rivers change in course is due to tectonic uplift.



Farm Land Along the Nile

Areas of tropical rain-forest produce ebony bananas, rubber, bamboo, and coffee shrubs. The greatest population in the Nile flood plain area are considered peasant farmers and must be careful available water. Some areas use basin irrigation to grow crops.