What ATV should be chosen?

What type of ATV is best? Kawasaki or Yamaha. The Kawasaki costs less than the Yamaha that I want. The Kawasaki can also arrive a lot faster than the Yamaha ATV. The Kawasaki is ready to be bought, but the Yamaha is not in the store yet, it will be there in a week.

Resources to make my decision.

The resources available are money, time, transportation, and the knowledge you already have. The first resource is the money, because you need to make sure you enough money to buy the item you want to buy. The second resource is the time, because what if you only have 45 minutes until your little boy has to go to football practice, but you know it will take you an hour to get through the paper work and decide which one you want to buy. The next resource would be transportation, because what if you do not have a ride to the store the ATV is at, or anything to put it in to take it home. Finally, the knowledge you already know, because what if you do not know anything about ATV’s, then the store clerks can just take advantage of you and tell you that you need this ATV, but you really need a different one.

Pros and Cons of each ATV

The Kawasaki costs less than the Yamaha ATV. The Kawasaki is in the store right now, but the Yamaha has to be ordered and shipped to the store and it will take two days for it to arrive. The Kawasaki is in the color that I want, but the Yamaha is in a different color. Finally, the Kawasaki is a lot faster than the Yamaha.

The cost of each ATV

Now, some details about the different ATV’s. The Kawasaki costs $6,299, but the Yamaha costs $9,199. The Kawasaki is already yellow, but the Yamaha is blue and it will take at least one day to get it painted yellow. The Yamaha has forty-five horsepower, but the Kawasaki has fifty horsepower. The Yamaha is too small for me and it will take four days for the ATV to arrive at the store, but the Kawasaki is just my size and I can get it right now instead of waiting for it to arrive at the store. Then I would have to go pick it up, and finally bring it home. Finally, the Kawasaki has bigger headlights than the Yamaha which you will need if you ever go riding at night.

I chose Kawasaki becasue:

I have made my decision that the Kawasaki is best for me instead of the Yamaha. I chose this because it is already in the store and the color I want it to be. It also costs a lot less than the Yamaha. The Kawasaki has more horsepower than the Yamaha. I can pick it up in the store now instead of waiting two days for it to arrive at the store. The Kawasaki is just the size I need, as the Yamaha is little too small for me to sit on. When making my decision, the Kawasaki was a better choice for me.