Math Empowers Grade 2

Middletown Township Public Schools

Second Grade ~ First Trimester ~ 2017-2018

Middletown's FALL 2017 DreamBox COMPETITION

It's time for another MATH CHALLENGE! There's a NEW criteria for winning too. Instead of focusing on the number of lessons students complete, participants will be acknowledged for their GROWTH. Growth is measured each time a student demonstrates mathematical understanding in a DreamBox lesson and proves proficiency. This year's competition starts November 5th and runs through December 9th. The school with the highest GROWTH percentage per student will be awarded the district banner. (Winner to be announced December 16th.)

Suggestion: Log into your DreamBox dashboard and take note of your students' current levels. Look at Standards Proficient, Standards In Progress, Usage, their Activity Feed. Feel free to reach out to your building math specialist and ask how to analyze this valuable data and how to use it drive small group instruction.

----- Count Around The Circle ----- A Number Sense Routine

Routine - Count Around the Circle

"If we start at 234 and count up by ten, will anyone say 356?"

"If we start at 1:00 and count up by 5 minutes for each person,

what time do you think the last person will say?"

"If we start at $5.00 and each person takes away one dime,

how many times will we need to go around the circle to get to zero?"

These are just a few examples of key questions that one would ask their students during a Count Around the Circle routine. This simple, yet invaluable activity, helps students develop fluency with place value patterns and allows students to become familiar with patterns through counting. As they listen to one another, students should be encouraged to count in their heads as each person says his/her number and share their thinking if they disagree with a classmate. To learn more, click here to read the attached article and be sure to watch the demonstration video above. More importantly, consider making this a regular routine in your classroom.

Math Instruction Resource Document

FRIENDLY REMINDER! Be sure to explore the Math Instruction Resource Document while planning lessons. Over 100 new links were added last year. Resources for chapter 2 include printable centers like Roll It, Make It, Expand It , videos like Musical Digits, Kahoots, virtual base ten blocks and engaging games. The Number Sense Development column will also prove to be a source of valuable activities.

Learning Math Through Productive Struggle

How can we set students up to be excellent problem solvers and not just solve the problems that look exactly like those in the textbook? Turn teaching upside down. Upside down teaching, where students take on problems they may not know how to solve yet, may seem uncomfortable from the teacher perspective at first, but studies have shown that students really do benefit from trying problems they haven't been specifically taught how to solve. Students, through productive struggle and discussion, learn the power of persistence, become more confident problem solvers, and learn deeper. For more about this powerful teaching structure and some lesson ideas, click here.

Encourage a growth mindset

Unlocking Children's Math Potential: 5 Research Results to Transform Math Learning

Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, shares research on the myth that only some students can succeed in math. Read on to learn more.
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Questions, concerns, resources to share? Contact:

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Elementary Mathematics Specialist

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