Business for the Future



Innovation is central to the advancement of business and society. Over the past decade, new innovations have shaped the world of today, from new innovations like social media, smartphones, drones, electric cars, 3D Printers, and many others. There is an exponential growth in all areas of industry, and the potential for the future innovations are endless.

Select an innovation from the past decade.

Your task is to research the origins of the innovation, how it has impacted business (or education) over the past decade, what are the benefits and concerns, and any future applications and developments.

Justify your recommendation on why the innovation has made such a significant impact on society.

Identify how this innovation may be used in a Third World country and why it has potential to impact their future.

You are to present your research in any visual format* to be able to inform the audience of the innovation. It needs to be informative, visually stimulating and showcase the innovation. It needs to establish why you consider it to be such an important innovation for society

*The Format needs to be approved by your teacher. It can be Slides, Video, Website, or anything that you can imagine to present it.

Assignment conditions

Time Allowed: 6 weeks

Instrument Technique: Extended research response

YEAR 11: 3-5 minutes Multimodal presentation combining speaking with visual prompts.

YEAR 12: 5–7 minutes Multimodal presentation combining speaking with visual prompts

Assessment Nature: Formative

Criteria Sheet Link:

Examples of Innovative Products, and there are many many more


Term 1 - Week 8: Select innovation

Term 1 - Week 9: Research

Term 2 - Week 1: Research

Term 2 - Week 2: Planning, Organising, Writing

Term 2 - Week 3: Planning, Organising, Writing

Term 2 - Week 4: DRAFT DUE on MONDAY

Term 2 - Week 5: FINAL DUE on MONDAY. PRESENTATIONS from Tuesday in class.


Minimum number of articles or readings to be collected and analysed.

Year 11: Minimum of 6 (to obtain a VHA level it should be 9+)

Year 12: Minimum of 8 (to obtain a VHA level it should be 12+

All articles need to be annotated digitally using either Google Drive, Diiggo or similar applications.

Attach them to assessment sheet.

Summarise key points from all articles


APA referencing throughout. Refer to APA guidelines online.

All images used need to be free from copyright and need to be properly referenced.

Lessons and links on Creative Commons will be provided.