Why is there a lot of bullying

By: Ashley Sanchez-Beristain

bullying should be stopped!

I Chosed the subject of bullying because in my school i see lots of young teenagers getting bully in i always ask my self why do teenagers like making others feel down in upset. while others are supporting them thinking its funny. i also chose this subject to research about because i have also been bully when i was younger in i want to be able to learn how to help other kids that are going true the same what i went true. i understand it hurts what people tell you to bring your self esteem but i want to be able to find ways to help does kids that are getting bully in are afraid to tell any one. i want to make a change by stopping bullying at my school.
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why does bullying occur the most in high schools?

The article of bullying in schools. It's about the problem of bullying in schools. it is talking about how a lot of schools have problem with violence that involves the police. The police is assum to have a greater responsibility for helping schools ensure the students safety. The most problem in school safety is bullying. Bullying can affect any student sense of security. Bullying is widespread and perhaps the most underreported safety problem on american school campeas. Bullying is now known to have long-lasting harmful effects for both the victim and the bully. Bullying occurs the most in elementary schools but bullying can happen at any grade levels. In middle schools bullying is slightly less than any other schools. High school freshman's are particularly vulnerable. The bullies are most likely to develop a criminal record than their peers. Bullying victims suffer psychological harm long after the bullying comes to an end. Bullying has two key components. It can be repeated harmful acts and imbalance power. Bullying involves physical, verbal, psychological attacks. Bullying is direct to the victim who cannot defend him or herself because of of different size in different strength. The victim might not defend there self because they might not want to get in trouble by getting involve with those people. Bullying happens a lot in school in parents,teacher,councils should keep an eye to try to help the children that are getting bullying in not wait on till the last minute .

Adults can be bullied too

You may hear that Adults don't get bully any more like young kids do. Adult bullying is a problem too. Adult bullying is a serious problem and may require legal action. We would think that as people mature and progress more in life. That adults could change their behavior from their youth. Unfortunately in some case it's not the truth. Sadly some adults can be bullies just like teenager, children can be bullies. Adults use more variable bullying as opposed to physical bullying. The fact that adult’s bullying those exists. When a child is bullying someone they do it to have power it's the same with adults as adults bully other they want to gain power over another person. And make their self the “Adult.” they try to humiliate victims to show them who's the boss of them. There is a lot of ways adult can bullying another person. The most the adults like to do is making people feel like they aren't worth it in trying to putting them down. Adults bullying can occur in their workplace adults can be stress out in be in a nasty mood to another person their mood can seem like they are bullying them. The most obvious about adult bullying is that two adult don't like each other in they can bully each that can make them to end up fighting or one of them hurting the other one real bad.

Should Adolescent bullying be a crime or just a punishment?

What i have learn about the article of Should adolescent bullies be punished as criminals is that a suicides that have been committed by adolescent victims of bullying have made national currently on the news. The victim of the suicide was Rebecca Sedwick she was a 12 year old girl who was getting bullied by two other female classmates. They were 12 and 14 years old. The two girls that started the bullying behavior started because of a dispute that Rebecca had with the 14 year-old classmate. The 14 year-old started bullying Rebecca over a boy they both dated. After the 14 year-old took the bullying to social media posting about Rebecca death posting a massage that she admit that she did bully Rebecca that she did with no indication of remorse or sadness about the tragedy. The two girls accused of bullying were arrested they were charged with a felony stalking. The Author Emily Bazelon argues against the criminalization of bullying behavior. “Defeating the culture of bullying and rediscovering the power of a character and empathy.” Michael Greene points out that “the attribution of bullying as the exclusive or primary cause of suicide is simply wrong and dangerous.

Teach young kids not to bully others.

It can be difficult to understand why your child has gotten in trouble by picking another kid. By your child picking on others can be labeled as a bully. As difficult as it can be to get use to the news. Its really important to deal with the problem right away. It doesn't matter if the bullying is physical or verbal. If you don't put an end to it can lead to more aggressive antisocial behavior. Bullying can interfere with your child's success in school and their ability to form a sustain friendship. Kids bully for many reasons. Some bully because they feel insecure of themselves. picking , doing mean things to someone who seems emotionally or physically weaker can provide a feeling to the bully that they are more important, popular, or in control of the other kids. In the other hand kids bully because they don't know that it's unacceptable to pick on kids who are different because of their size, looks, race, or religion. Bullying is a part of an ongoing pattern of defiant or aggressive behavior. The kids that bully, pick on others are the ones that most likely need help learning to manage anger and hurt, frustration or any other strong emotions. Does children may not have the skills to cooperate with others. Professional counseling often helps them learn to deal with their feeling, curb their bullying problem, etc. kids who bully at school and in setting with their peers can be copying behavior from others. It can not just happen in school in can happen at home to. Kids who are exposed to aggressive and unkind interactions in the family often learn to treat their peers the same way they are treated. Kids who are receiving end of taunting learn that bullying can translate into control over smaller, weaker children to perceive as weak.
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The bully graph

the graph represents how many kids do get bully in how many kids that don't get bully.