Saint Joseph

The Foster Father of Jesus Christ

About Saint Joseph

Joseph was born in Circa in 100 B.C.E. The initials B.C.E. stand for Before Common Era. In Joseph’s early life he was a hard working. Joseph was a humble compassionate man. We know he was a man of faith because he planned to divorce with Mary but God told him that Mary was pregnant with the son of God. Joseph didn’t divorce Mary because of this. Joseph loved and worshipped Jesus. He also took care of Mary and baby Jesus. His one concern was for his family. Joseph became very pious when an Angel appeared to him in a dream and told him that Mary was pregnant with baby Jesus. Joseph could prepare for what was about to come because he put all of his faith in God. Joseph was a loving and caring father for Jesus Christ. He was also nice to his wife because he made sure that Mary would be ok. Mary might not have been ok because she was pregnant and King Herod planned to kill all newborn bay boys. Joseph made sure Mary got to Bethlehem safely. He bought a donkey for her to ride and Joseph walked the 90 miles.

Joseph was the foster father of Jesus, and was a carpenter for the Nazarenes. Joseph is important because an angel came to him and told him that he would be the foster father of Jesus. He wanted to secretly divorce Mary, but he had a dream where an angel told him not to divorce her. That her baby was going to be our Lord and Savior. He listened and stayed with Mary, and she had baby Jesus; who became our Savoir. He never got canonized by a pope, but everyone in the catholic community wanted him to become a saint, because he was loyal. He was a man of faith obedient to whatever God asked him to do even if he didn’t know what the outcome was. He not only worked as a carpenter, but the catholic community all agrees that he was a good man to all. He was like a worker for God.

Joseph was the foster father of Jesus, he was also a carpenter. He wasn’t rich when he went to Jesus in the temple to be circumcised. He offered the sacrifice of two turtledoves or a pair of pigeons, but only for those who could not afford a lamb. Joseph was a compassionate and caring man, he was loved by many. But, when he found out that Mary was pregnant, he wanted a divorce. He was very unaware that the child was the son of god. We celebrate him with two feast days. March 19, for Joseph the father of Jesus and May 1, for Joseph the worker. His mission is to help people earn jobs and earn money. And to also help them keep their job. He helped 2,457 people. The paying cost was 9.55 an hour. People benefited from this because they earned money and lived a happy, heathy life with their families!

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