The 1925 Tri-State Tornando

By: Mary Mejias & Ali S. Knowles

Where & When

The tornado hit Missouri, Indiana, & Illinois. It happened March 18, 1925. The tornado was the worst in history. It destroyed about 300 miles.

Tri-State Tornando

Wednesday, March 18th 1925 at 11am-2:30pm

Missouri, Illinois, southern part of Indiana


The storm caused about 700 deaths and destroyed a lot of towns. It lasted about 3.5 hours. The tornado destroyed so many cities, houses etc. Rescuers worked for days to clear rubble & look for survivors in Murphysboro.

Restoration Efforts

Many men returned to the mines below ground. Children and miners quickly came back to town to check on their families. The tornado did millions of dollars in damage and it took decades to fix the towns it hit. It had also an increase in local tornado spotters & an increase in public awareness about tornadoes.