Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

Dec. 4, 2015

What's Up in the Classroom?

Reading - I introduced reading centers this week. Students will be working in groups of 3 at 7 different stations during reading. Time does not allow them to do all 7 stations a day so they do 4 each day and then continue on from where they left off the next day. The stations are: Listening to reading on the ipad using a wonderful site called Storyline Online, iPad learning games, reading to self, fun writing, word work, partner reading and teacher station. They visit each station for 12 minutes and then move onto the next when I ring the bell. They really seem to be enjoying the stations!

Writing - Students picked a narrative writing piece to publish this week. They edited their piece with me and then recopied it onto a new paper. They also added a cover page and detailed pictures. We will be assessing the unit on Monday and then moving onto informational writing.

Math - Students finished up chapter 3 this week and took two tests. One was the common assessment that all 1st graders take across the district. The other was the book test. These tests are part of the benchmark "solves word problems involving addition and subtraction within 20." The reason it's only part of the benchmark is because we have only worked through 10 so far. We will assess through 20 in the next unit.

Social Studies - We briefly studied life long ago by talking about what it was like living in the past and how it was different from today. Students watched a short video comparing the two and then we did activities to see if they could identify things from the past versus things from today. We then moved onto learning about maps. We will continue with this skill until the winter break.

Reading Book Bags

You may notice different leveled books in your child's book bag. Don't fret ~ there is a method to my madness! Sometimes, I put books a level or two below your child's actual reading level so they can practice fluency. These books should be easy for them to read with little assistance. They should be reading smoothly and observing punctuation. Sometimes, I put books that are a level or two above their actual reading level so they can work on strategies taught in class. This could include skipping the word and coming back to it, sounding out the word letter by letter, or it might mean breaking down the word into it's bigger parts. For example, if the child knows the word part 'end' in the word 'friend' than they should be able to blend the 'fri' together and than add on 'end' to get the final word 'friend.' These books may require a bit more assistance from a parent or older sibling.

Also, if the book is longer than normal, I may only put 1 book in the bag. If it is short, I'll usually put 2.

Finally, I am going to change the reading book bags on Monday and Thursday instead of Monday and Wednesday starting next week. This will help balance out the amount of time the children have the books.

Gingerbread Houses

Don't forget about our fun gingerbread house event coming up on the 18th of December from 2:15-3:15. We are asking that you send in 1 can of frosting for your child and one bag of candy that will be shared. Everything else will be provided. If you'd like to send your items in early, feel free. I can easily store them here. So excited for this fun event!!