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Special Edition - GradeSlam

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This issue is dedicated to sharing exciting news and information about a new program to Beckman High School called GradeSlam. The program is a 24/7 online tutoring service that is FREE to Beckman students. In addition to basic tutoring services, the program also offers FREE essay review where students can submit a draft of their writing and a trained professional will review it and give feedback within 24 hours. Read on for more details!!!

Subject Area Help

GradeSlam has a variety of tutors available across a wide range of subject areas. Tutors are available for all levels of Math and Science, Spanish, French, and English. If a tutor is not available in a specific subject area (for example Computer Science or Music), the GradeSlam tutors will search within their ranks to find the person best suited to assist the student.

Essay Review

GradeSlam gives students the ability to submit their writing and receive feedback BEFORE they turn their assignment in for a grade. GradeSlam instructors will review the paper, check it for grammar mistakes and content issues, then return the paper to the student within 24 hours. It's a great way for students to improve their writing BEFORE they turn it in for a grade! See below to see what kind of feedback kids will receive.

View ALL Tutor Interactions

Logs of every student interaction with tutors are stored and available on demand. This helps teachers determine usage statistics and where trouble areas may exist. GradeSlam tutors are trained to help students work through their problems with questions as opposed to just telling them what to do.

Images below are actual logs from a pilot class of students.

GradeSlam Student View and Explanation

GradeSlam as a Student

GradeSlam Teacher View and Explanation