Hidden girl

by rosella brackin

Internal Characteriation

Shyima feels like she has lost the feeling of her family.She dosen't know how her own mother could seel her , Shyima feels broken and untreated she dosen't know when the next time she will see her family.When the famiy memebers came over she had to hide in pantry out of sight or her family would get beaten.

Historical Connection

The present event is that people are still been sold all through out the world.Even kids are been sold taken away from her family, we need to stop this having this problem.

2 Vocabulary words

infection something that you can get a disease can makes you i'll .

Muslim a follower of the religion of Islam.


2 Conflicts

Shyima has s self vs man because through out the book she dosen't know why she has go and work for these people not her sister, she dosen't know when she will she her family again. She has no one their for her , all her family backhome and ahe sleeps and get's up every morning to help, out a family from which her sister stole from.

Shyima all so has man vs man which are her master, her master treat her like she a door matt dosen't care calls her stupid girl.When she gets sick the mom like "oh honey we all get sick you'll be fine" .She gets desrespected from the children her self.She a young girl who did't ask her this and know has to do whatever her master say.