Oldham County, A Great County

By: Tess & Jordan

Oldham County Schools

There are lots of different school choices in Oldham County. Every school is great and has good Education. Here are the schools:

Buckner Elementary School
Lisa Cheek, Principal

Camden Station Elementary School
Stu Martin, Principa

Centerfield Elementary School
Diane Morgan, Principal

Crestwood Elementary School
Lori Wright, Principal

Goshen Elementary School
Lisa Peters, Principal

Harmony Elementary School
Michele Horn, Principal

Kenwood Station Elementary School
Lane Morris, Principal

LaGrange Elementary School
Heather Thomas, Principal

Liberty Elementary School
Jane Smith, Principal

Locust Grove Elementary School
Andy Moore, Principal

Lots of Economic Growth

Job's and Economy

"Oldham County is an area of remarkable Economic Growth, Great for business and boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the state and highest per capital income." Info from: Oldham Chamber & economic development.

Saftey in Oldham County

Oldham County is a very safe County

Oldham county is known to be very safe. There are very little roberies and people feel safe where they live. The schools are now locking every door.
Have fun in Oldham County!