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Universal Design for Learning

This month our professional learning is focused on Universal Design for Learning. UDLinks is a tremendous resource that provides a massive amount of lesson plan ideas and links. In this months tech tip flyer, 3 example lessons have been chosen to showcase the possibilities of UDL lessons with the integration of technology. During our techy hour, you will be able to use UDLinks to create your own lesson plan driven by the principles of UDL.

As described by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST, 2011b), "Universally

designed curriculum provides options for:

~ Presenting information and content in different ways (the ‘what’ of learning)

~ Differentiating the ways that students can express what they know (the ‘how’ of


~ Stimulating interest and motivation for learning (the ‘why’ of learning)"


What Masks Reveal

Lesson plan on the cultural significance of masks.

Opportunities for UDL include:

Students work collaboratively researching online to "catalog" different masks and also share their findings during a "show and tell" discussion with the class (8.3)

As an extension activity students can create their own mask using any format of their choice (7.1)

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Pan Balance

Use this tool to strengthen understanding and computation of numerical expression and equality. In understanding equality, one of the first things students must realize is that equality is a relationship, not an operation.

Opportunities for UDL include:

Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas and mathematical relationships (3.2)

Build fluency (5.3)

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Inside Story: Your body, Your Health

Health lesson plans delineated by topic and grade level, mostly middle and high school.

Opportunities for UDL include:

Provides options for and alternatives for gathering information (1.1)- use print resources and web resources that are provided. Several of the websites also include a listening option

Provide options for expressive skills (5.1)- use a poster as directed, or allow students to choose how they would like to present their research (any multi-media)

Techy Hour Time

Thursday, Jan. 9th, 3pm

Computer Lab, Hammond Middle