Mr. Yellow Cap

Exclusive Yellow Caps Made For Your Storage Cans

Do you have Blitz Gas Can, Plastic Diesel Cans, Gasolene Can in your house in a very good shape except that you may have lost or missed your can caps? Without the cap gas splashes out while transporting the cans and makes a mess. May be you have tried a lot to find replacement Can Spout Caps without any luck. Or more may be you are looking for an idea where you might be finding the same cap?

For your good news, we are here at Mr. Yellow Cap, the Manufacturing Company for Yellow Caps. We are specializing in all types of Portable Plastic Gasolene Cans, Plastic Diesel Fuel Can, 5 Gallon Jerry Can and many others. All our Gas Can Caps are available in all types of sizes and are more flexible while you use them.

We are an effective solution to your lost Gas Storage Cans spout. Save your diesel, Gasoline or oil when you lost your Container cap at the earliest from leaking or over use or form wastage. Our staff is professional in this sector and helps you in your requirement.

You can order us from anywhere; our shipping services are available 24x7. Our mission to satisfied our customer requirements completely, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item for a full refund, less any applicable shipping and handling charges. For more info, how to place orders, what are charges, etc, contact us on our contact page.