Weekly News and Information W/C 22nd Sept

Keeping our college safe

Our college is a safe place - our students tell us!

This week we focus on the arrangements in place to ensure our college is a safe place for all of our students.

Your College ID

We ask all of our students to wear their ID in college at all times. This is to ensure our college stays a safe place, and that we can identify anyone who should not be in student only areas. If you have any concerns about wearing your ID, please speak to your tutor. If you need a different type of ID holder (e.g. a clip or arm band) go to reception /Information and Guidance who will arrange it for you. Staff will ask to see your ID if you aren’t wearing it visibly. If you want more information on staying safe in college, text Safe to 81025.

Don't feel safe at home/outside?

Contact one of our safeguarding team, or drop in and chat to a youth worker. You should not feel that you have to do anything that makes you feel unsafe, or that anyone (either a member of your family or anyone else you know) will harm you - even if you don't do something they ask you to. If you are worried about yourself or any of your friends, please let us know.

Text Safe to 81025 for more information on how we can help!

Relationship problems?

Is your boyfriend/girlfriend/someone else pressuring you to do something you don't want to? Do you feel frightened of them if they get annoyed? If so, come and talk to the youth work team for advice, we can help.

Text Safe to 81025 - we'll provide info that can help!

anger management?

Who's in charge? You or the anger? And who will suffer the consequences???

Contrary to popular belief, having an anger management problems does not mean that you have no choice other than to lash out and give into the anger.

Anger can feel frightening, can make you feel like you need to take action, and can reduce your inhibitions. Alongside this, your body is often filled with adrenaline, which is the body's way of responding to the angry thoughts you are having.

1. Notice the first signs of anger

2. Stop, breathe slowly- breathe out more than in, believe it or not this is calming

3. Count to ten. Once something has been done you can't take it back.

4. No drugs or alcohol - drugs and alcohol removes inhibitions

5. Regular physical activity really does help.

No matter how good a reason you give yourself for losing your temper, once you have committed an act of violence, or acted in an angry or confrontational way, this cannot be undone. We do not tolerate acts of anger or aggression in college under any circumstances, therefore if you feel you need support to manage your feelings, please come and talk to us. We can offer advice, guidance and can even help you to access counselling or help outside of college.

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We don't accept or tolerate bullying

Anti-Bullying Learning and Teaching Resource (ALTER) Catholic Education Office, Wollongong

Our policies on Anti Bullying, and on Student Misconduct

Text Safe to 81025 - to find out more about how we can help!!

Not sure it's the right course for you?

Call in to see Keith or Carol at Information and Guidance to discuss your worries - or drop into the Youth Work office and chat to a youth worker.

Your Student Union Needs You!

Can you make a difference? Do you like to work with people and have a laugh at the sime time, whilst getting some good brownie points for your CV? If so the Student Union needs you! We are recruiting for Officers to lead events, activities and to generally take part in college life, and encourage other students to do so. If this sounds appealing, please contact Helen Jenkinson or Lorna Mclean with your name and best contact details.

Student Union Presidential Nominations

Monday, Sep. 22nd, 9am to Friday, Sep. 26th, 5pm

Harvard Ave


Come along and nominate yourself to be the new Student Union President. Or RSVP to this invitation to put yourself forward. (You can nominate yourself in person in the Reception/Atrium during the week of 22/9)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Student Union Presidential Elections

Monday, Sep. 29th, 9am to Friday, Oct. 3rd, 5pm

Harvard Ave


Come along and cast your vote for the new Student Union President

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Calling all potential Student Governors

Do you have what it takes?

  • To network with some of the region's most influential business movers and shakers and decision makers?
  • To travel and see more of the country?
  • To hold your own in a meeting and put forward the views of students?
  • To finish college with the best CV imaginable?

If so we need YOU to consider becoming a student governor.

For more information please contact

What can you do to be counted in college?

  • Conduct yourself appropriately and be respectful to all.
  • Use respectful and considerate language in lessons towards your tutors and to other students.
  • Let staff know if you witness any unacceptable behaviour
  • Be counted in college - can you lead one of our activities such as the LGBT club?
  • Check our our Equality and Diversity information for more guidance and info.

Stockton Riverside College

Student Services Team



Text Safe to 81025 for more information on how we can help