Maria Magdalena Medrano Christman

The best mom in the world

About My Mom

My mom was born in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 4, she moved to Huntington, California. She lived there for 10 years and then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. She got a job at the NV Energy Power Company and met my dad there in 2005 and they've been together ever since.

Education is the necessary foundation to your future

Education is the necessary foundation to your future

As an adult, my mom founded that she needed to attend college. It would turn out to be a very difficult, stressful, and long experience because she had a family and that meant it would take her longer to finish her education. That meant she had to work in addition to taking care of her family and attending college. There was nights were she would not sleep, which led her to quit college for a couple of years. Now that she has a family, she didn't have the opportunity to focus on herself and school. She had to be patient until she could afford to go back to school again. Two years later she was finally able to return to college. It took her one year and three months, but finally she was able to graduate with the help of her family. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art with a concentration in Fashion Design.

Ariel Carrillo

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