Chinese Schools of Thought

By: Chyance Mattison


Meditation is important in promoting peace. Right actions and Right Speech lead to Nirvana. Diffused to China via the Silk Road. Monasteries became centers of learning. The Buddah believed people everywhere were subject to pain, sickness and death.


Belief system based on the teachings of Kong Fu Zi. Confucius lived during the end of the Zhou Empire. The Confucian code of conduct stressed traits such as respect , loyalty, honesty, hard work, politeness, and generosity.


Strong government. The nature of man is evil. Greed is the cause of most conflicts. They forced people to work on projects. If they didnt then they would be punished. Qin Shi Huangdi was the emperor who enforced this.


Philosopher was Laozi. Taoism mainly teaches you to live in harmony with nature. The yin and yang symbol is what Taoism means.

World Relgions Taoism