Tundra Biome

by kayley Ragland

The Tundra Biome

The tundra biome is the coldest biome on earth! Lets go to city called Quebec. This may seem like a very stupid name but there are so many more things about this place!

Animals Located In the Tundra

Tundra facts

  • The word "tundra" comes from the Finnish word tunturia whichs means "Treeless lands"
  • The tundra biome covers about 20% of the world
  • When its summer, daylight lasts 24 hours
  • when plants grow here they typically grow together to survive
  • the largest animal in the tundra is the polar bear
  • the tundra only gets about 10 inches of rain a year

Plants that are Located in the Tundra

Culture in Quebec,Canada

  • The Inuit people are a tribe in the Arctic Tundra.
  • They have traditional storytelling,Mythology, and dancing are all thing that are important to their culture.
  • Inukititut is a language that is still spoken in may parts of the Arctic