Quentin Kubrick Time in Italy

Scrapbook from a British Soldier from the Invasion of Italy

Street Corner in Liverpool

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Quentin S. Kubrick was born October 15, 1922. He was raised as an only child in Liverpool, Great Britain for his entire childhood. Though his country joined the war in September, 1939, Quentin did not join the military until June, 1943, at 21 years of age. He served as a private in the Eighth Army of Great Britain. Due to his joining of the army late, he did not experience the North Africa campaign, but did serve in the Italian campaign, as part of the XIII Corps. Kubrick was among the soldiers who helped capture the cities of Syracuse and Agusta in Sicily. The combined efforts of the allies allowed Sicily to be captured and shortly after the British 8th Army invaded Calabria on mainland Italy, starting the Italian campaign. The Invasions of Sicily and Italy were ultimately critical blows to the Axis powers, and helped weaken Germany and Mussolini's Italian government. Kubrick survived the war, and afterwards returned to England, where he still lives at 93 years of age

British Propaganda Posters like these were what inspired Quentin and other British citizens to join the war.

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Coat of Arms for the British 8th Army

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British Soldiers march through a ruined Syracuse in the invasion of Sicily.

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Photo of a British Tank, the Cruiser Mk.1

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Timeline of Quentin Kubrick and events related to WWII

October 15, 1922- Quentin Kubrick born in Liverpool

September 1, 1939- WWII begins

June, 1943-Quentin joins the military at 21 years old, he would ultimately become part of the British 8th Army, led by Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery.

July 9, 1943- Invasion of Sicily begins

July 11, 1943- Quentin and the rest of the XII Corps capture the city of Syracuse

July 25, 1943- Italian leader Benito Mussolini arrested, next day new government formed by Pietro Badoglio.

August 17, 1943- Invasion of Sicily officially over after Allied troops discover remaining Nazi and Italian forces have fled.

September 3, 1943- Kubrick and the 8th Army land in Calabria, Italy, to begin invasion. New Italian government agrees to help get rid of Axis powers in Italy and be at peace. The Nazis would later free Mussolini who would temporarily lead a Nazi state in Northern Italy.

June 4, 1944- Allies capture Rome from the Germans, Allies prepare for D-Day, which is viewed as a higher priority then Italy.

April 28, 1945- Mussolini killed by Italian rebels.

May 2, 1945- Italian Campaign officially ends, after Axis forces in Italy surrendered 3 days prior.

May 16, 1945- Quentin finally returns to Liverpool.

September 2, 1945- Japan finally surrenders, officially ending WWII.

Ally troops preparing for Operation HUSKY, the code-name for the invasion of Sicily.

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Photo of Bernard L. Montgomery, commander of the British 8th Army.

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Members of the 8th Army marching through the streets of Salerno during the invasion of Italy

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Webley Mark IV Revolver, one of the main handguns used during the war, Kubrick's personal preferred revolver.

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Canadian Soldier in Italy with a Lee-Enfield, the main rifle used by the British Empire.

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Article in American Journal about Invasion of Sicily

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German's captured by the Allies in Italy prepare to be interrogated.

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