Virtual Practice Day - October 22nd

8:00 a.m. - 12 p.m.


The purpose of the Virtual Practice Day on October 22nd is twofold...

  1. Help teachers connect with students virtually and identify issues students and staff might have during this connection (i.e. - lack of or low-quality internet connectivity, technological skill needs, etc.)
  2. Help students/families practice connecting with teachers and identify any needs they may have based on the experience (i.e. - help with technology and skills related to it, assistance with internet connectivity, etc.)

Meal Delivery

We will be doing a trial run with delivering meals to families on Thursday, October 22nd between 8:30-11 a.m. (depending on our numbers to deliver).

In order to receive student meals, you will need to have signed up for the number of meals for the household and place a cooler near the end of your driveway to put the meals in.

Student / Family Expectations

Virtual Practice Day is NOT OPTIONAL. It is still considered a half school day and Google Meetings and assignments will be scheduled throughout the morning depending on the grade level of the students. These meetings and assignments will be included in the grading process.

The expectation is that students participate in the activities scheduled by their teachers that morning. All students have electronic devices to make these connections and have been practicing with their teachers to use the devices and access the programs they would use in the event of a Temporary School Closure.

If a student is unable to participate in the activities that day, please contact the teacher(s) to figure out how to make up the work.

Class Schedule for the Day

Since it is a half day of school and teachers are shared across the Middle and High School levels, as well as into Elementary School, staff have developed a 6-12 schedule and a 5th Grade schedule for the morning so teachers have the opportunity to meet with all of their students. Elementary teachers have also provided schedules to help families navigate the day.

The link below shows schedules for the various grade levels...