making your bathroom green

The bathroom is one of the most frequently visited service rooms of the home. This is where various cleaning activities that take place and is used for self-cleaning.

Hugo Naturals

Common hand soaps contain harmful chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Diethanolamine, and Phthalates(Artificial Fragrances). Some of these have potential effects such as cancer formation, skin and eye irritation, central nervous system problems and allergic reactions. Hugo Naturals does not contain any parabens, petroleum products, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, as well as other harsh chemicals used in common soaps.
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Although Vetrazzo counter tops consumed transportation-related energy like normal counter tops, these aren't your average Joe counter tops. Made with 100% recycled glass, a bid of cement, additives, pigments, as well as big and bright chunks of recycled glass, these not only make a statement, but are also eco-friendly.
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Bamboo Towels offers towels that are made with 100% bamboo viscose. These towels are colored with low impact dyes, making it the lowest possible environmental impact. These bamboo towels have also passed the Oeko-Tex certification which means that the product contains no harmful substances and is produced in the most environmentally friendly method possible.
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