Natures, World Records

by John R. Quinn/ book report by Ethan Woodfine

Natures, World Records

The most amazing Nature Facts Ever!It has all kinds of cool facts and records that animals have made

The Blue Whale the Biggest Living Animal

This reminds me of the biggest living animal is the blue whale it is bigger than the largest dinosaur.Blue whales can be over 100 feet long and weigh more than 150 tons that's more than 200 cows or 1,500 200-pound people This reminds me of a little fish.

The Pouncing Puma

This reminds me of the pouncing puma that has the longest jump with 23 feet in the air! ,isn't that amazing, the pouncing puma reminds me of my cat.

The Longest Jump

This reminds me in the book when the red Kangaroo has the record for the longest jump with 40 feet! reminds me of a trampoline.

The Biggest Living Fish

The biggest living fish is the blue whale which is 50 feet and weighs about 50-tons this reminds me because in the book it tells me. The whale shark reminds me of a catfish