(Rapid Aging Syndrome)

Systems of the Body Affected by Progeria

Integumentary System comprises its skin and apendages

  • Hair

  • Skin

  • Sweat Gland

Muscular System maintains posture, circulates blood through the body, permits the body’s movement

  • Extensor

  • Flexor

  • Adductor

Skeletal System framework of body, consisted of bones and other tissues

  • Femur

  • Skull

  • Humerus

Cardiovascular System circulates blood and lymph through body, it has the heart, blood vessels, and glands

  • Heart

  • Lungs

  • Blood Vessels

How Systems of the Body Normally Work v.s. How They Work with Progeria

Integumentary System

  • Skin is rapidly aging

  • Hair loss

  • Normally young kids do not go bald, and have wrinkles

Cardiovascular System

  • Blood vessels don’t circulate blood through the body as fast as they would with a young child

  • Most deaths from progeria are heart attacks or strokes

  • So therefore the heart is affected by progeria

Muscular System

  • Loss of muscle mass

  • Typically child gains muscle mass as they grow

Skeletal System

  • The bones become very fragile,

  • Typically the bones get stronger through growth

Signs and Symptoms


  • no cure,

  • stay healthy :

  • Stay extra hydrated

  • Provide small meals

  • Have cushioned shoes

  • Use sunscreen constantly

  • Stay up to date on what child is immuned to

  • Provide learning opportunities

How Does This Condition Arise?

  • A defect in gene lamin A

  • Rarely gets it from member of family

  • Might have affected a sperm or egg before conception

How is Progeria Diagnosed?

  • Based on the signs and symptoms

  • Children have rapid aging signs

  • Doctor will order genetic testing for LMNA mutations


  • 12 or 13 is average death age

  • Longer life if healthy is possible

  • Sam Berns lived until age 17

  • Dean Andrews until he was 20

Who is Affected?

  • Only 80 people in the world have progeria

  • Any gender

  • Children

  • Any race can have it(mostly whites)


  • Sam Berns was someone with progeria that I saw on a video with Tom Brady, and that’s why I chose my topic. I thought aging mutation was interesting.

Famous People

  1. Sam Berns: Meeting Celebrities, and mom quit her medical field to raise money for progeria.

  2. Leon Botha: Very famous painter.

  3. Hayley Okines: Spreading awareness for condition.

  4. Zach PIckard: Loves music, known for living a normal life and attending Queen concerts.


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The Triumphant Story of Sam Berns, Progeria and Math

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