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star wars

Aidan, #1 Star Wars fan

website. I also have lots of links. I love cartoons and if you do check out that link.

Darth or Anakin?

Who do you think is better? Please email your favorite!

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Steve Jobs and Star Wars Rebels

I love Steve Jobs, he is the one of the many people we should look at as an idol, and I have, he is one of my many idols! On another note, has anyone heard about the new series coming to Disney XD? It's called Star Wars Rebels, and I don't know about you, but I want to see it. Bye, and Happy New Year!



Some of you might have visited my other page, F.S.E., I am here to say that F.S.E. is hereby dispanded. Instead there will be yLEAF, my new technological company, this also includes science in it, so sorry for F.S.E. fans. Hope you enjoy the new page, bye!

Always come back.

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