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Global School Day of Play

Wednesday was Global School Day of Play. Various schools from around the world celebrated play, including at least three schools in Clarkston. Play is important business in our classroom and is the primary way children this age learn. For our day of play, we talked about ways to play, tools we use to play, who we play with and why we play. We added fun toys for the day (and many have stayed for the rest of the week): a light table, puppet theater, and car table. We offered painting with glue and shaving cream and some children helped make playdoh. It was great time and a day I am sure they will not forget.
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Valentines Day is Coming!

Our class Valentine's Day party will be held on Thursday, February 11, beginning at 1:45. We are asking for a $3 donation from each child to cover the cost of materials for the party. The children will be making Valentine boxes in class so they will not need to make them at home. As for Valentines, we have 21 children and 3 teachers in our room. If you are adding candy (which is not necessary), I would appreciate no nuts. The children do not need to address each Valentine to specific children. One of our activities during our party will be to pass out the Valentines. We are also hoping to incorporate service learning into our party by making valentine's for either Children's Hospital or a local nursing home. Let me know if you would like to help. You may send your child's completed valentine cards in at any time.

Kindergarten Registration and Orientations

You DO NOT need to re-register your child for Kindergarten in Clarkston. Your child is already a Clarkston Community Schools student. We do ask you to bring your child to visit his/her home school during Kindergarten Orientation in April. This is an important time for children to visit the school and meet future teachers. For parents, it is a time to find out specific information about the school and kindergarten in Clarkston. Please see the following list for your child's specific date. You should receive a letter from your child's home school with more specific information.

Orientation dates in Clarkston:

  • Andersonville Elementary: April 25
  • Bailey Lake Elementary: April 19
  • Clarkston Elementary: April 22
  • Independence Elementary: April 21
  • North Sashabaw Elementary: April 29
  • Pine Knob Elementary: April 27
  • Springfield Plains Elementary: April 26

Donations Needed

  • Valentine Stickers and Foam Stickers for our Art Center
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Cereal Boxes (empty and cleaned out....please no nut or sesame cereals)
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • If you are getting rid of toys your child no longer plays with, we are happy to take them. If we do not use them we may share with another classroom in need.

Upcoming Events

  • February 11: Valentine's Day Party at 1:30
  • February 15 & 16: Midwinter Recess...No School
  • February 18: Tornado Drill
  • February 19: Dentist Visits Young Fives
  • February 24: Field Trip to Indian Springs Metro Park
  • March 17: Impression 5 Museum Visits Young Fives
  • March 25: No School
  • April 1: Half Day...dismissal at 11:15
  • April 4-8: Spring Break...No School
  • May 25: No School for Young Fives. This is our orientation date for next year's students to visit.

Room 205 Kindercubs

  • Sandi Larkins, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lisa Smith, Instructional Aide
  • Donna Bassett, Instructional Aide